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Internships and internships in Spain

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar gestion cultural Internships and internships in Spain

Carrying out professional internships during your training process is a valuable way to gain useful experience for the labor market.

The internships and internships At present, they are part of the essential activities that the university student must carry out. The purpose of these is to provide the student with knowledge and experience complementary to that obtained in the study process. It is not about the economic benefits that can be extracted, but about the learning that this kind of experience offers.

In Spain, within the framework of Royal Decree 1707/2011 and from University Student Statute, it is established that the practices and internships are called external practices and are designed in two different modalities: curricular external internships and extracurricular external internships.

Curricular external internships in Spain

The correct name is external academic practices and in this case, we are talking about curricular practices. These are the practical activities that are integrated into the curriculum chosen by the student.
How do internships and internships in Spain work?
These internships are also supervised, which means that when the student begins to carry them out, they will have a defined academic tutor (from the university) and a business or professional tutor (from the company). These will be in charge of agreeing on a training plan for the student and will also carry out its proper monitoring.

It goes without saying that these internships, like the extracurricular ones, will have to be adjusted to the specific training acquired by the student throughout the career, and that in no case, the relationship between companies and students, can be understood as a benefit of the labor type, understanding this always under the terms of a training relationship.

The duration of the curricular external internships it may not exceed 60 credits. The hourly load will depend exclusively on the characteristics of the practice and the availability of the company. In any case, the schedules will have to be compatible with the academic and formative activity of the student.

What the student will have insured in their internship will be health and accident insurance, while the existence of a subsidy or financial aid, also called a “scholarship or study aid”, will depend on what is agreed in the agreement signed between the company and student. In no case will this type of payment represent a salary.

Extracurricular external internships in Spain

The extracurricular external internships They are those that the student performs voluntarily during their training process. The purpose of these practices is the same as in the case of the curricular ones, except that the extracurricular ones are not part of the study plan chosen by the student. In any case, the latter will be valued in the European Supplement to the Degree, the document that is attached to the degree of the university graduate to facilitate the academic and professional recognition of their qualifications.

The duration of these practices may not exceed 50% of the academic year.

Another point to consider in extracurricular external internships is that contrary to what happens with curricular internships, the student will not have a pre-established academic and professional tutor, but the type of tutelage that both institutions will exercise will be agreed in the agreement itself , university and business.

Among the main requirements to be able to carry out the extracurricular practices, we can highlight the fact of being enrolled in university education and not maintaining any type of contractual relationship with the company where the activity will be carried out.

It is important to establish that both in curricular and extracurricular internships, the university will be in charge of publicizing the different calls and offers of available places, also detailing the conditions and access requirements.

The practices are constituted as an instance that every student will have to carry out at some time, to obtain their first concrete experiences in the chosen profession and understand the functioning of the world of work.