Journalism | I do not know what to study

NSQE periodismo Journalism | I do not know what to study

The Journalism career allows us to search for the truth and communicate it to the largest number of people in society.

The Journalism study focuses its objective on analyzing social reality and understanding what and why things are happening to communicate information in such a way as to help improve democracy in society.

The graduate can specialize in Information Journalism or Opinion Journalism and focus his career in general or specialized in a particular section, such as politics, culture, economics, sports and entertainment. Journalism

The Journalist has the knowledge to investigate in search of stories, recognizes the different means of disseminating information such as the latest digital technologies, writes with the mission of reaching the public and uses resources according to the degree of the news and the relevance of the facts.

Your path as a journalist

The degree provides tools and techniques to interview and obtain sources, the ability to communicate objectively and recognize what is news within society.

The Journalism career changed in recent times due to new forms of communication. Today professionals can carry out their reporting work from anywhere in the world by sharing images, audios and videos.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a journalist? No. It happened naturally. What motivated you to pursue this career? The…

A journalist can work in public or private areas, on television, in radio stations and editorials, in the digital world of the Internet and act as a teacher in universities.

What Does a Journalism Graduate Do?

  • Prepare interviews, create news, produce short stories, journalistic reporting for media such as radio, press, television and digital media.
  • Produces informative content, prepares digital content for the media and communication channels in public, private, business, state organizations, etc.

In which places does a journalist practice his profession?

In digital media such as pages, Web portals and blogs.
Independent journalism as a freelance or Freelance.
Advertising companies.
Newspapers and magazines, print, virtual, digital.
News agencies.
Traditional TV channels.
Radio stations.
Media correspondents.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Journalism are:

  • Ability to specialize in a particular topic to report.
  • The race stimulates and allows creativity.
  • The ways to communicate continue to grow with the latest technologies.
  • Improve oral and written expression.
  • Provides tools to report objectively.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • It requires a lot of daily reading to stay up-to-date on the news.
  • Complex search for reliable sources.
  • Economic instability in case of working as a freelance journalist.
  • Insertion into the labor market is complex.
  • It is not a race for those who are not curious to ask.

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