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Law and film career

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar cinematografia Law and film career

The future is something that has not yet happened but in the present one usually chooses a study or a profession to live on, the law career is one of the most chosen, but why?

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In the modern world there are several ways that a person begins to show interest in certain specific tastes. When it comes to choosing the academic future, many times professions are chosen by relatives we admire, by friends we know, but it is also common to hear that a certain work has been seen in a television series or a certain personality of a professional in the cinema and the decision has been made that the university career would have to go that way.

Cinema and law

There are some people who choose to be lawyers or there are even those who, based on a film, choose to pursue a career that leads directly to being a judge. In this sense, there are several films that can be seen to observe different court cases, some based on real events and others on mere fiction. The interesting thing about the films is that the scriptwriters usually carry out a study of how each case is solved, what arguments and what laws they can mention in their scripts. Whoever watches one of these films is instructed a little more about the universe of laws and codes that work in different countries.
Among the films most alluded to by lawyers, one can mention “To Kill a Nightingale”, a film in which the laws are mixed with the prejudices of a people in the United States. As well as some lawyers and judges highlight the quality of “The Nuremberg Trial”, a 1961 film, which revolves around a trial that took place to judges who participated in the Third Reich, in this particular film laws and their weight are mixed with respect for the human being.
Coming to the present time, a film highly recommended to analyze the judicial system that contemplates the death penalty is “The Life of David Gale”, where the viewer is introduced to a world of testimonies and evidence that lead to an unmissable case for analyze as law students.

Why study Cinematography
Cinema and law

Why study law?

After this passage through the films most watched by those who have decided to take law as the career of their lives, it is interesting to know other reasons that may lead to the choice of a law career over others that exist in the educational plaza. It can be affirmed that some students finish their secondary studies knowing that justice is something that they really love, and they try to study responsibly even knowing that trials do not always end in a fair verdict.
As for the tasks that graduates of a law career can perform, in addition to defending a client in a particular way, they include working as a notary, prosecutor or judge, among other consultancies.
The law student is aware that law is not a simple job, one must live according to certain guidelines that are learned throughout the career. It is not a simple trade, it is a profession.

Where to study law?

Unlike other professions, the law career can be studied in a wide range of universities and academic entities. There are some faculties that provide the undergraduate degree and there are others that expand the offer and offer the law course in all its branches, administrative, business, criminal, civil, family, among others. Here we offer some sites that are recommended by the same professionals to study law:
ArgentinaWithin the private sphere, you can study the Law degree at the University of San Andrés, with a course of approximately five years.
Brazil, the University of Brasilia offers a degree in Law. It lasts between ten and twelve semesters, depending on the shift in which the student enrolls.
Colombia, the Externado de Colombia University is one of the most chosen to enroll in the law career, which lasts for five years, granting the title of Lawyer.
Spain, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is one of the most recommended for those students who choose to pursue a law degree. It has an average duration of four years.
Mexico, the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, offers the possibility of studying law with the option of conducting seminars and participating in current debates. The course has a duration of nine semesters.
Uruguay, the University of the Republic, through its Faculty of Law, offers a career in law, granting the title of Doctor of Law, with a duration of six years.