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Liquidation of Assets | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
nsqe liquidacion de haberes Liquidation of Assets | I do not know what to study

Studying Settlement of Assets provides knowledge about the employment relationship that exists between employee and employer, with respect to the theory and regulations that exist on it.

The specialty of Settlement of Assets addresses specific issues that are based on the rights and obligations of both parties to an employment contract. It is usually a branch chosen by those who want to deepen their knowledge of human resources, and really dedicate themselves to their profession. In this sense, it also serves as a badge for professionals in the administration or accounting career, for example.

Liquidation of Assets

Susana works together with her partner in a labor services study that she has set up for about a decade …

The study of Settlement of Assets implies taking subjects that are based heavily on theoretical issues, where pension contributions, rights and the laws that govern the world of work are fundamental. As well as, the practical matters that cover topics related to the procedures that must be carried out in the different organizations linked to the relationship between employee and employer are of great importance.

This specialty is offered in various institutions both in person and online, remotely. It can be studied as a course modality and the duration itself will depend on the educational entity that dictates it, it can be from two, three or four months. During this period of time, students will be able to acquire different knowledge about the employment contract, obligations, forms, files, different types of licenses according to the signed agreement; remuneration and aspects of social security; how to terminate an employment contract, rights and consequences of both the employer and the employee; Withholdings and taxes associated with salaries. One of the important concepts that those in charge of carrying out the liquidation of assets must handle are the different ways in which a contract can be carried out and the regulations that govern each of them. It is also important that special attention is paid to the different applications and systems that are used as tools for the professional’s work.

It is usual that in various job searches related to the human resources area, they look for professionals who have studies on Settlement of Assets, since that particular skill is sought to be able to fulfill the requirements of the position. On some occasions, administrative personnel with this professional knowledge are also hired, because an employee capable of solving various situations that involve legal knowledge about the employment relationship between a company and its employees is sought.