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List of distance universities

abril 1, 2021
listado de universidades a distancia List of distance universities

The modality of studying university careers at a distance, has led many students to take certain precautions to select the entity. Here we offer you some.

Through different internet portals, an inquiry can be made about the characteristics that universities should have that offer the possibility of studying a degree career at a distance.

Among these issues we must think about the prestige of the institution, the costs they handle, the administrative management they offer and the different materials they make available to their students, some provide virtual libraries to consult if necessary and others post the bibliography on their website for students to download. Some do not have the free material, but they do help their students by offering paid sites where they can be found.

List of distance universities

This type of university poses an interesting question, since its location does not matter so much, because the procedures are usually carried out online, with a consultant who solves the problems that may arise, via mail or by phone.

Once you have chosen the degree and the face-to-face or not face-to-face method, you have to evaluate which university is convenient for you to study it, that is why in this article we offer you a list of distance universities with the ten best recommendations so you can choose, according to country, entity.

Argentina: Although the distance modality is not very widespread, there are some universities that have ventured into this field:

UNDAV: In the public sphere, the National University of Avellaneda offers students the possibility of studying careers that are not available in the face-to-face format as a Technician in Socio-Community Intervention. The teachers are online to solve problems as well as the bibliography of the subjects.
MAIMÓNIDES UNIVERSITY: This institution offers undergraduate and graduate degrees such as Political Science, Journalism, and even Nursing. It is a private entity that offers the possibility of having a virtual faculty to carry out all the procedures and consultations through its Internet platform.

Chile: Some students still look askance at e-learning methods, despite this there are people who bet on this form of study:

UCN: The Universidad Católica del Norte has a Distance Education Center which offers diplomas, degrees and postgraduate degrees, both in the social and organizational areas. You must pay a tuition and monthly payments, since it is a private institution.
CEAC: The Center for Distance Studies and Diplomas has the support of the Educational Group made up of other institutions by the UCINF University. Diplomas are given that cover areas such as art and design, commercial, education, tourism.


UNAD: The National Open and Distance University is a private entity. The technical career has an average duration of seven semesters and the bachelor’s degree of twelve. The cost can vary between six hundred and fifty and one million pesos and is backed by ICETEX.
UNAL: At the National University of Colombia, academic programs of the nursing faculty are taught in the distance modality. It is also a public entity. Among the services they provide, it has support for students and a virtual video library.


UNED: Among the most prestigious universities, the National Distance Education University, offers many facilities to students. Its strong point is its quality as a public and the reputation it has in the Spanish community. Regarding administrative issues, it offers the possibility of obtaining scholarships in enrollment. At present its academic offer of Degree includes 26 titles that are of official character.
UOC: The Open University of Catalonia, although it is a university that has only been around for a few years, has been gaining importance due to the number of registered students it has. It is within the private sphere and has the particularity of encompassing those Spanish residents who want to study in Catalan. Some students argue that it offers the advantage of having online teachers to solve concerns. In some subjects the possibility of a continuous assessment or a final exam is offered.


UNAM: The National Autonomous University of Mexico offers the enrollment offer to fourteen degrees from computer science to psychology. It is the most chosen by students due to its good reputation and because it is in the public sphere. The difficulty that students may find in this entity is in the entrance, since there are limited places because it is public.
IPN: The National Polytechnic Institute has had a great acceptance in the youth population through the offer of their distance careers. It is an entity included in public institutions that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.