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Mechanical Engineering | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The Mechanical Engineering career trains professionals trained to apply technology to the design of various objects, working on the operation of each one.

The professionals of Mechanical Engineering are in charge of using the elements of physics and applying them to what is related to mechanical systems, both in their design, assembly and in their operating processes and future arrangements. The basis of the work of this branch of engineering is energy, heat, force, mass; knowledge that is articulated and together with the mechanical engineer are put at the service of the design for the realization of a specific equipment.

The Mechanical Engineering career offers a course of approximately six years, where engineering concepts are provided and they are mixed with what it does to the application of mechanics. Some subjects are main for all professionals and are related, as we said before, with physics. This type of degree is also supported by calculus, mathematical analysis and also notions of algebra. In addition, subjects can be taken that guide the student to knowledge about specific motors and mechanical equipment, as well as mentioning some topics that are linked to the economy and the legislation that needs to be known on this subject. The subjects of mechanical design, fluid mechanics, heat technology are important.

On various occasions, mechanical engineers are hired to carry out industrial expertise, either due to an inconvenience in a machine or due to an accident that has arisen, they must check if it was due to a malfunction or could have been a human error. They can also engage in research seeking technical innovation in the market.

Professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to design machinery that helps and facilitates work in different types of industries. On the other hand, graduates of the Mechanical Engineering career can be leaders of a project and can be in the direction of a specific construction in the public sphere, for example. They can also be dedicated to the installation of different specialized machines or energy systems. At the same time, mechanical engineers can dedicate themselves to teaching and continue training new professionals who can carry out the tasks required of them in the industrial world.