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Multimedia Design | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
que hace un diseñador multimedial Multimedia Design | I do not know what to study

Why study Multimedia Design?

Multimedia Design is responsible for the transmission of different types of messages through the use of different media, graphics, audiovisuals, etc; together with communication techniques.

What is Multimedia Design about?

Multimedia Design is perhaps the most complete career in the world of design, since it allows you to learn and combine different communication techniques with a wide variety of knowledge related to the creation of audiovisual content. The combination of texts, images, sounds, animations, etc., gives the professional of this discipline the possibility of transmitting the message, the client’s products in a dynamic and creative way that will produce the best result. In this way, we could say that Multimedia Design combines the best of the disciplines of design, communication and advertising to generate an attractive multimedia message that achieves the objectives of promoting a product. A developed product can take different forms: from a simple audiovisual production, through a 2D or 3D animation product, another that contains special effects, an interactive web page or even a web application as a complement to the product to be promoted or as a product in itself.

What does a Multimedia Designer do
What does a Multimedia Designer do?

What tasks does a Multimedia Designer perform?

Once the product or service to be promoted and the communication objectives have been received, the Multimedia Designer will generate a project, identifying, in order to achieve the most favorable result, the graphic or audiovisual media to be used. In this way you can combine texts, images, sounds, animations, special effects, animations, etc. You will also be able to program web pages or applications, software, perform modeling, etc. With all these tools at your fingertips, you will seek, through your knowledge of communication, the most suitable for transmitting the message.

What is the job opportunity of the Multimedia Designer?

The job placement possibilities for a professional in this career are endless, thanks to the breadth of knowledge acquired and the possibility of applying it to different areas. Many choose to work independently, creating their own business, or simply doing on-demand projects and slowly building their careers. Beyond this, you can participate in projects or direct them in any of the following areas: advertising agencies; television production companies; software development companies; marketing companies; electronic publications; Web applications development; creation and development of video games; in the advertising, promotion or press department of any company or government body; in teaching; etc.

What is studied in Multimedia Design?

Of course, there will be numerous variations in the study plans, as it is such a comprehensive career, but some of the basic subjects you will encounter are: Text Production; Multimedia Language; Esthetic; Communication theory; Video production; Graphic design; Technical drawing; Computer Animation; Programming; Advertising, Marketing; Digital Illustration; Design and Administration of Websites; etc.

Advantages of studying Multimedia Design

It is a good profession to work independently and create your own company.
Your work will depend in large part on the use of your creativity.
You will incorporate extensive knowledge, from many areas, and you will have to train yourself permanently, so you will avoid stagnation in your profession.
The number of job opportunities alternatives, applying your knowledge in the elaboration of a multimedia project or simply using part of them, is immense.
The studies you will undertake will help you work anywhere in the world.

Disadvantages of studying Multimedia Design

It is a career in fashion, so you will find many professionals like you, and you will have competition when it comes to your job search.
Choose your place of study carefully, since you may find institutes of poor quality or whose diplomas are not officially recognized.
If you choose to work independently, your work will start slowly and gradually, until you manage to make a name for yourself in the field.

Where to study Multimedia Design
Where to study Multimedia Design?

Where do you study Multimedia Design?

In each country you will find varieties in the duration and complexity of the Multimedia Design courses. From courses where you will learn only basic notions and some computer programs, through holistic training in the field of design and communication, to masters and specialization courses.

Argentina: The National University of La Plata has a Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Staff in Multimedia Design, with a duration of 5 years between the two degrees. The Da Vinci School of Multimedia Art offers the Multimedia Design Career, which lasts 3 years. At UADE you can study a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Interaction Design for 4 years.

Spain: The University School of Design and Innovation offers you a 4-year Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design. At the University of Valencia you have a Degree in Multimedia Engineering, which also lasts 4 years. The Escola Superior d’Imatge I Disseny (IDEP) in Barcelona has a master’s degree in Interactive Digital Design and Motion Graphics.

Mexico: The Universidad Anáhuac has in its academic offer the Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design. It lasts 4 years. Meanwhile, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León offers you a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Digital Animation, also for 4 years.

Curious fact: One of the most frequent options in Multimedia Design today is the generation of web applications with multimedia content. The great demand for this type of application causes some to come to light that vary between what we could say creative, curious or doubtful useful. Some examples: an anti-mosquito web application that emits ultrasound to combat them (but that we cannot hear); another that allows you to schedule a fake call at a certain time, in which a voice will be heard on the loudspeaker, so you can escape a visit by obligation or an appointment that does not work. Another application informs you when you watch a movie which moments are the least interesting, in case you have to go to the bathroom or make a phone call, and when you return it gives you a summary of the parts that you missed.