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Music | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The Music career allows you to create and investigate musical culture through history, composition and vocal or instrument practice.

The musician recognizes and masters the musical language and has the knowledge to compose, create orchestrations, play various instruments, act as a teacher in public or private schools and lead large choirs. Through study, you can interpret the music of instruments such as piano, guitar, and violin.

The graduate can teach in music creation workshops, occupy important positions in orchestras, research national or international music, work in the media as an organizer of musical events, participate in recognized film companies and create curtains and sound themes for advertisements.

The study of Music provides knowledge to advise singers before their auditions, participate as a jury in competitions and practice music therapy, where the objective of their music is therapeutic. The professional can work in universities, art schools, advertising companies, recording studios or as an independent agent. The race is ideal for people sensitive to art, with a good sense of rhythm management, a great auditory perception and a creative mind capable of designing new musical expressions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Music are:

  • Have the ability to play various musical instruments.
  • Wide job opportunities from cultural centers to radio stations and music production workshops.
  • Possibility of communicating through music.
  • Good adaptation to teamwork.
  • Great artistic sensitivity to compose and recover emotions through the ear.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • It is a long-term career that demands and needs constant practice.
  • Buying instruments is often expensive.
  • Possible financial instability if you only work as a freelancer.
  • A lot of job competition.
  • It demands a mind prepared to overcome frustrations due to criticism for being an art career.