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Musical Production | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
NSQE produccion musical Musical Production | I do not know what to study

Music Production trains professionals with skills to create, design and carry out projects related to music.

The race of Musical production provides knowledge to focus on the complete image of an artist, develop as his advisor in the recordings and the dissemination and press of his material.

The graduate can design his project related to music and make it come true through a comprehensive management of his idea.

The Musical Producer is in charge of events and shows, beyond their scale, manages what is necessary for a live presentation or participates in international tours. He recognizes the vocabulary and language of musical genres, has an artistic and creative capacity, builds his reputation and name in the music market, and is prepared to carry out dissemination and communication strategies.

The Music Production studio allows you to help respect the budget, both commercial and legal, of the musical projects of different artists.

Musical production

The race of Musical production It usually lasts between two and three years and focuses its objective on the training of new artists due to its extensive knowledge of the current music market, encompassing the creative space and commercial diffusion.

The Music producer performs its tasks with artists, music labels, production companies, recording rooms, event organizers and the media.