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Oenology is the discipline that deals with wine and its chemical peculiarities. Oenology includes viticulture and wine preparation techniques.

What is Enology?

Oenology is the set of knowledge related to winemaking and includes from the selection of the grape variety, the treatment of soils to the techniques used in its preparation. Wine is an enormously complex drink, made up of more than three hundred components, the consequence of many factors, essentially the type of soil, climatic conditions, the variety of grape or vine used and the wine-making practices applied.

The winemaker is the technical consultant responsible of direct the wine-making process. He is the specialist who supervises in the winery both the preparation, storage, analysis, conservation, bottling, marketing of wine and each of the activities related to the methods and techniques of vineyard cultivation and the preparation of wines, musts and other derivatives of the vine.

In addition, the oenologist must have a series of scientific knowledge that allows him to carry out the elaboration of the wines in the best possible way. The field of knowledge in winemaking encompasses from the vineyard to the tasting, passing through each stage of cultivation, preparation process, winemaking techniques, organoleptic analysis of wine, service and consumption. He must also have knowledge of legislation, since wine is a product subject to certain rules and controls, and in the field of economics and marketing, as the final destination of the wine is the market and the consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of studying Oenology

  • Constantly expanding labor field.
  • It involves all aspects of production.
  • There are multiple countries where the activity can be developed.

Disadvantages of studying oenology

  • There are not many job openings available.
  • It exists as a Bachelor in few universities.

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