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On-Board Commissioner | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
como convertirte en comisario abordo On-Board Commissioner | I do not know what to study

The desire to fly is the aspiration of many children who, as they grow up and become adults, can achieve it by studying to be an on-board Commissioner.

With what other names is it known?

The career of Commissioner on Board is also known under the official title of Crew cabin, called TCP and also in some countries it can be called flight attendant. In countries like Mexico, TCP is also renowned under the concept of flight attendant.

The term Airborne personnel may include pilots, flight officers, stewardesses and flight stewards.

What do you study to be a Ship Commissioner?

The passenger cabin crew, known as TCP or On-Board Commissioner, has two fundamental functions during the course of a flight, they have the responsibility of maintaining the safety of both the cabin and that of the passengers themselves. They must also be friendly people and position themselves as a Public Relations of the airline, spreading a good image of the company.

To begin the studies of Flight Commissary, certain requirements such as swimming, a certain height to reach the luggage compartments of the aircraft, light weight and daily medical exams must be met. Some of the subjects offered are: emergency procedures, human relations, first aid, transportation of dangerous goods.

Is on-board commissioner a university degree?

These types of professions are not classified as university, they are specific courses to enter to work in the airlines that have the different countries.

How to become an Onboard Commissioner
How to become an Onboard Commissioner

How long does it last?

The course of Ship’s commissioner It lasts from 3 to 12 months, depending on the country where you study and the institution that provides it.

Advantages of studying Ship Commissar

The advantage of studying Commissary Onboard is the possibility of getting a job easily if you are studying in an institution that has contacts with the flight entities, and when getting the job the best benefit that this profession has is the possibility of knowing not only the country where you reside but a large part of the world, depending on the scope of the company where the work is carried out.

Disadvantages of studying Ship Commissar

The adversities that can be presented to the flight marshals are related to the difficulties of the flights. That they have to abandon their position of pleasing the passengers by being people of character who can officiate as security personnel on the plane.

What is the job opportunity of a Ship Commissioner?

The job prospect of this profession is precise, since it is particularly studied to assist passengers both in their needs and in their safety on the airlines.

Where to study to be an Air Commissioner?

In some countries the work of the flight attendant is equated with that of the ship’s commissioner.

In Argentina, in the Province of Santa Fé, the Flying Time school offers various training courses for Hostesses and On-Board Commissioner and other specialization courses such as Private Aircraft Pilot, Commercial Pilot, First Commercial Pilot, TLA (Transporte Linea Aerea), Instructor of Airplane Flight, Aerospace Pilot, Multi-Engine Qualification, Aerodrome Signaller, Ramp Equipment Operator, Ramp Service Supervisor, Aircraft Dispatcher, Aeronautical English.

In Buenos Aires The IFAC AeroComercial Training Institute, offers the training of Passenger Cabin Crew (Hostesses and On-Board Commissioners) with a duration of 1 year, Minimum requirements: be 18 years old, Secondary qualification and Psychophysical aptitude granted by the INMAE.
The Aeronautical Training Institute (ICA) offers various aeronautical courses such as TCP Passenger Cabin Crew, Private Airplane Pilot, Commercial Airplane Pilot, Aircraft Dispatcher, Ramp Services Supervisor, Ramp Operator, Aerodrome Signaller, Customs and Radiophony Operator.
The CEDEBA Center offers the career of Flight Attendant and Commissioner (Passenger Cabin Crew) Official qualifying title approved by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) with a duration of 6 or 12 months.
Also the Argentine Association of Airmen offers training in Commissary of on board.

In the province of Cordova The Aeronautical Training Institute offers the training of Passenger Cabin Crew (Hostesses and Stewards).

In Bolivia, the airline Aerosur offers flight attendant courses with a duration of 3 months.

In Brazil, ASA the Academia de Servicios de Azul, offers the on-board commissioner course in the city of São Paulo.

In ChileSpecifically in Santiago de Chile is Cenafom, a school that offers the Flight Attendant or TCP course.

In Colombia The Flight Attendant course is offered at the Antioqueña Aviation Academy, located in Medellín.
In similar formations, the Unitec University Corporation offers training in Technology in Management of Airlines and Travel Agencies.
The Escuela Aeronáutica de Colombia offers the training of On-Board Service Assistant, the graduate of the ASA On-Board Service Assistant program, is competent to execute the functions and procedures when attending an emergency in the passenger cabin of an aircraft. Total duration 520 hours (2 levels). It also offers related training such as Management of Airlines and Travel Agencies with the title of Labor Technician by Competences in Management of Airlines and Travel Agencies, with a total duration of 1400 hours (3 semestral levels).

In Costa Rica, TACA airline offers the possibility of training staff as flight attendants, taking the course right there.

In Ecuador, the Air School, grants the certification to perform as Passenger Cabin Crew.

In The Savior, the Advanced Air Training Center offers the aircraft purser course.

In Guatemala Aerotraining school offers Cabin Crew courses.

In Honduras, the Avianca company offers the TCP course for those who want to apply to these positions.

In Mexico, the School of Aviation Mexico offers the course for Aviation Flight attendant, in the Federal District.

In Nicaragua, the Technical Institute for Administrative Overcoming of Management offers courses on Flight Auxiliary Crew, with a duration of 1 year.

In Panama, there is the possibility of enlisting in the COPA Airlines airline, since passing the filter of personnel selection, they themselves train the applicants to be TCP, in this way the course is free.

In Paraguay, the airline TAM, through a previous selection, dictates the course to be TCP.

In Peru You can take the course to be a Cabin Crew in Professional Air, Pilot School, Commercial Aviation and Gastronomy.

In Dominican Republic, the Dominican Aeroclub Aviation School dictates the courses to be cabin crew.

In Uruguay, the title of Passenger Cabin Crew can be obtained at the Escuela del Aire, located in Montevideo.

In VenezuelaAt the Caribes Aeronautical Instruction Center, the course for Cabin Crew is taught, with its respective theoretical and practical area.

In Puerto Rico, you can take the TCP course at the American Eagle Academy.

What does a Passenger Cabin Crew member work on?
What does a Passenger Cabin Crew member work on?

European continent:

In Spain The Air-Hostess Aeronautical Training Center, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, among other cities, offers the official Passenger Cabin Crew course and according to the graduates it is the best prepared to offer it, it has a cost of approximately 3000 euros .

In Portugal, At Omni Aviation Training Center the flight commissary course is offered at a total cost of 1600 euros.

The work of Flight Commissars involves living in the air in its best sense, enjoying traveling and having flexible schedules are the benefits of this profession of being through the roof.