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Onboard Commissioner | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
nsqe comisario de abordo Onboard Commissioner | I do not know what to study

Some people say they live in the clouds and many others work from it. For those men who are interested in the world of aviation, there is the career of flight commissioner.

Within the male persons that can be found as part of the crew of an airplane, we will not only find the pilots, but also the ship marshals. The race is usually known as crew cabin, which includes men and women, namely, hostesses and marshals on board.

When deciding on this profession, the important thing is to select an entity that provides the flight attendant race with certification from the air forces of the country where you choose to carry out the study.

It is a career that offers its graduates the possibility of developing their work across different countries, since various airlines are international and hire professionals from different residences.

Depending on the type of study chosen on the flight commissioner career or course, the duration will be from six to twelve months. Some subjects that are studied are theoretical, related to specific questions about aeronautical knowledge, responsibilities, care that they must have, matters related to the passenger health, some instruct on how to act in critical moments and you can also have subjects related to other languages. On the other hand, in addition, different practices must be carried out in the career, to verify the capacity of each professional.

The ship marshals they are in charge of the journey of the passengers of the plane, and in this sense it is important that they are aware of their care and safety, that is why they must acquire leadership skills, since the profession sometimes requires a certain determination when making decisions.

Once the career is finished, the professional can register with the airline of their choice and take the corresponding tests to enter. Something that must be taken into account when thinking about this race is presence, neatness is something that every curator on board must possess.

ship's commissioner

The work of an on-board commissioner allows you to manage times, you can study and develop a career parallel to your aeronautical work, since you do not do office work; the feet are in the air at the time of fulfilling the working hours.