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Physical Education | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The study of Physical Education trains professionals to teach sports through didactic and pedagogical activities.

The main objective of the Physical Education career is to learn tools to transmit values ​​that allow the growth of students and their advancement in social development. The graduate is qualified to occupy a space as a pedagogical link in the sports area, both at a conceptual level and in attitude. Their knowledge demonstrates abilities to recognize aspects of human motor skills and the specialized training in sports of each student.

The professional in Physical education It can be adapted to different situations to apply the techniques that correspond to the context where it is, always taking into account the capacities of each student. You can practice as a teacher, manage sports areas, act as a physical trainer for a sports team or personal trainer at an individual level and participate in public events contracted by the State.

The most important subjects of the race are nutrition, physiology, different sports and their regulations, teaching techniques and pedagogy.

The graduate in the career has the mission of developing and coordinating physical and sports activities based on their knowledge and the conditions shown by each work group and is comfortable in teaching and communicating with their students.