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Programmer Analyst | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Learn to program it’s the best chance you have to have success in the 21st century.

The race of Programmer analyst It is a short-term career of approximately 2 or 3 years (depending on the University program) and its degree is technical level.

The Programmer analyst provide logical solutions to problems and work collaboratively integrating into different teams of a company, developing tasks that range from documentation, testing and software construction processes, also planning and project management to the evaluation of requirements in the acquisition of software, classification systems and installation of computer equipment.

The analyst is technically trained to primarily provide solutions, plan, direct, perform, maintain and control analysis and programming work.

Scheduling is the best chance you have to succeed in the 21st century.

Do you want to find out if programming is your thing?

There are applications, games and tutorials to learn programming, Blockly Games proposes Educational games that teach programming. They are designed to be self-study and for children who have no prior experience with computer / computer programming. Upon completion of each game’s modules, players are ready to use conventional text-based languages.

If you like Blockly Games games, you may have discovered that they like to code. Blockly Games is a Google project to encourage the programmers of tomorrow.

Why learn programming?

Because it is a complete technical career, current and with a future that prepares you to work with new technologies and where the demand to work increases every year. As a programmer you will learn various languages, basic and advanced programming techniques.

A Programmer Analyst acquires knowledge in the different areas: Hardware, Software and Telecommunications. During the course of the race, the Programmer Analyst will develop skills for research, analysis and decision making, may participate in research and production projects in the field of information technology, new technologies and telecommunications.

Because it is the best chance you have to be successful in the 21st century.

What tasks does a Programmer Analyst perform?

Try this game designed for the programmers of the future.

A programmer works in various fields: companies, industries, government organizations and can work independently as a consultant, within a company or for different clients.

Role or job position held: Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Software Architect, Project Leader, Database Administrator, Quality Controller (QA), Systems Auditor, Developer, Tester, Functional Analyst, Technology Consultant, Network Administrator, Technology Advisor, Manager Computer Security, others.

A graduate of this career is prepared to:

  • Organize and implement the installation of computer equipment or Implementation of software for clients.
  • Modify programs developed by other programmers.
  • Carry out a survey of the needs of a project.
  • Design and implement solutions to real problems.
  • Design and develop software or modify existing ones.
  • Analyze and Design applications for mobiles or tablets.
  • Maintain equipment and perform software configurations.
  • Analyze algorithms in different types of language.
  • Analyze the functional processes of an organization,
  • Evaluate and detect system failures and security levels.
  • Carry out consulting tasks and advise on the use of systems and hardware.
  • Design, evaluate and implement audits in software quality equipment and processes.
  • Train and select suitable personnel for the creation of the systems area.
  • Perform Testing tasks.
  • Document programs.

The objective of the Programmer Analyst training is:

  • Learn to provide logical solutions to problems.
  • Know the functions and scope of software development.
  • Know the different existing methodologies in software development.
  • Acquire and master the terminology specific to the software industry.

Some Programming Analyst career subjectsKeep in mind that in each university the study plan is different, in this list the subjects of several plans present in different universities are combined:

  1. Math
  2. Physical
  3. Algebra and Analytical Geometry
  4. Computer lab
  5. Networking
  6. Operating systems
  7. Data Processing Systems
  8. Software Models
  9. Team and Cooperation (Project Management-SCRUM)
  10. Algorithms
  11. Pseudocode
  12. Variables and Types
  13. Operating Systems Architectures
  14. Communications Technology
  15. Programming languages
  16. Programming
  17. Object-oriented programming
  18. Structured Programming
  19. Programming with Modern Tools
  20. Software Projects
  21. Computer Systems
  22. Systems Development Methodology
  23. Database
  24. Probability and statistics
  25. Teleinformatics and Communications
  26. Calculation Laboratory
  27. Numerical Calculation or Numerical Methods
  28. English
  29. Infinitesimal calculus

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