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Psychiatry | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE psiquiatria Psychiatry | I do not know what to study

The Psychiatry is a specialization medical for study psychologically to people, focuses on the area of ​​neuroscience when analyzing and interpreting mental health, designs therapeutic strategies after listening to patients and allows the preparation of pharmacological prescriptions.

The Curriculum it is extensive since first demands the title of Medicine and needs a lot of reading because of the large theoretical volumes.

He Psychiatrist is ready for warn your patients, make a long term treatment, accompany them during his rehabilitation, carry out research and experiments to create new action strategies and get to know the pharmaceutical world to prescribe medications where appropriate.

The Psychiatry career is for those interested in To help people they need to be heard and also require medication to treat psychological or neurological problems.

The professional can work in hospitals public or private, clinics care for patients with mental disorders or work independently in your own office. The graduate has the ability to consult other psychiatrists to improve their diagnosis, investigate past cases to look for similarities and differences with the current situation of their patients and collect all the necessary information before preparing their opinions.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Psychiatry are:

  • Good economic remuneration.
  • Possibility of working in public or private hospitals.
  • Opportunity to act independently in your own practice.
  • Ability to interpret and help with mental health problems.
  • Good team work.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • Long-lasting race.
  • Demand a degree in Medicine first before specializing in Psychiatry.
  • It requires a lot of patience and analysis with each patient.
  • Large volumes of reading from the beginning of the curriculum.
  • The curriculum has many correlates.