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Psychology | I do not know what to study

marzo 30, 2021
psicologia terapia Psychology | I do not know what to study

The race of Psychology provides the knowledge to understand and analyze the human behavior and improve mental health development.

Psychology studies what is related to human behavior both in terms of its biology, as well as its social and cultural aspects. It focuses on how you are behaviors affect behaviors, personality, emotions and also in the formation of disorders that develop over time in the mind of the human being.

These are the characteristics that make psychology a more than interesting social science, but at the same time complex. Many people are intrigued by how the human mind works, the unconscious, and failed acts. Many have surely tried to interpret dreams, both their own and those of others, however psychology, like many others, is a profession that also has its negative side.

Psychology is an ideal career for those who constantly seek the answers to everything within the human mind.

Why study psychology?

There are various aspects of this profession that can attract the attention of students, it is a career that allows development in different fields, both in education, in sports, in individual attention and also in the area of ​​criminology.

Throughout the career, it seeks to train professionals with the ability to understand and analyze the different processes of mental health within the context in which they arise, as well as the possibility of articulating the work with other disciplines to work from the more efficiently and correctly address a patient’s situation.

The professional in Psychology is called Psychologist and specializes in listen and interpret the problems of his patients with respect to their relationships and their views on society. I know difference from Psychiatrist in what no prescription medicines to control the nervous system. The Psychologist has the function of discovering the reason for the actions of the human being in order to accompany the patient in the search for various solutions.

Psychology therapy

The Psychology career teaches techniques and skills to identify problems in the relationship, family, work situations or any other that the patient decides to mention during a session.

The psychologist inquires on patient’s life, develops theories about their possible reasons and tries to prevent future actions as a consequence of their decisions. There are several branches of psychology related to labor, social and educational aspects.

Psychology is a long-term career, requires a large volume of reading and is aimed at people with great listening skills, motivation to help solve problems, good oral and written expression, ability to observe and enhance the virtues of the human being. The graduate stands out for his honesty, a great emotional sensitivity and shows a constant empathy with your patients.

As in most careers, beyond the motivation and interest that one has to enroll in a university degree, it is relevant to carry out an inquiry about those good things that the profession has, and also about what others see as a disadvantage when performing in the workplace or even how it affects a person’s daily life.

Before investing time in a career, it is essential know the obstacles that may arise during the study of the various subjects that make up the study plan.

Advantages of studying a career in psychology

The main thing that stands out from this university career is the ability it gives its graduates to be able to help others. Because thanks to psychologists, patients can learn to face and manage their disorders, as well as professionals can guide the people who consult them to identify the causes of their problems.

In this sense, professionals agree on the satisfaction that gives them see a person leave their office, or a session, and see how they begin to carry out a process in which they can see progress.

On the other hand, a question that is interesting in the career of psychology, and is also taken into account as a benefit, are the spaces in which the profession can be practiced. In this way, there are different fields where the psychologist can develop among them is clinical care, which is usually known as private consultation in the office.

Another alternative is to focus on education, both as a teacher and in a psychological cabinet from some school. It can also be practiced in a public or private body within the human resources department. As for group work, they can also serve as advisers within sports teams. Even in the forensic area and also, why not, community, there are different tasks that a professional of psychology can develop.

The degree has the advantage of offering its students different views of psychology. Throughout the course you can learn the different approaches to the profession such as cognitive-behavioral, transactional analysis, psychoanalysis, gestalt, the humanist, among others.

Regarding the transformations of culture and the complications that can be generated in a society, some educational entities have the advantage of offering subjects such as Disability, Addictions and Eating Disorders. These questions help train the professional to be updated and better understand some pathologies that many people bring naturalized and that they must work with a professional who is capable of accompanying them.

The psychology career offers different modalities to approach professional work and for the psychologist to be able to address the problems of patients, both individually, as well as couples therapy, family, in groups.

Psychological help

In addition, during the degree the topics to work on the planning and management of public policies, in institutions or organizations. In this way, the profession goes beyond one person and aims at the entire community, so that it can contribute its work in the design of a transformation at the national level.

Another benefit is engaging in a psychology-based research, since for those students who want to discover the application of different approaches, they have the advantage that the degree offers the necessary tools to observe and analyze in practice, the theory learned. Many graduates take the initiative to translate their research into books, either as reference material or as novels that tell a story.

In terms of schedules, many find the flexibility of their time to be an advantage, since by working independently they can accommodate their patients’ shifts. Many psychologists decide to work with patients in an office and also provide their services in educational institutions or companies as advisers.

Disadvantages of studying psychology

One of the first disadvantages that most students who begin their career highlight is the amount of subjects that they dislike in the curriculum. In this sense, subjects such as statistics, methodology, and also biology stand out.
Like many health-related careers, the career of psychology, requires several hours of reading and study. These issues count as a disadvantage in taking the student a bit away from their social life to focus on their professional side and graduate.

It is usual that professionals, throughout their course, and more so upon graduation, have to deal with emotionally complex conflicts. Many consider it a disadvantage of the career to link with a patient, because it is essential to be objective and detach from a narrated situation. It is likely that these types of situations lead the same professional to seek psychological help in order to vent what he hears on his couch.

With regard to the sensitivity that professionals must disengage from, the feeling of failure in some cases because they cannot help others also counts as a disadvantage. Lack of experience, or not finding the right tools, sometimes creates some helplessness, which produces a great impact on the professional. By imagining themselves in this situation, students often come to rethink their career.

Graduating is a fundamental issue for many careers, because once the course is completed, you have to start the path of finding a job, and lack of experience is sometimes a bad ally. That is why after years of studying, psychologists must go out to find their patients.

Another of the disadvantages that can be suffered by being a student of the psychology career is the ease with which other people judge the professional. It is usual for them to accuse psychologists, or even students, of analyzing and observing all the people with whom they interact, either by their movements or by what they say. It is a somewhat uncomfortable situation sometimes because they cannot separate the person from the professional.

On the other hand, sometimes the proximity to cases of child abuse, or some complex circumstance In a prison with the cases of those who are deprived of their liberty, they can be difficult to cope with, so it is important to correctly choose the area where you want to work and be aware of having the capacity to do so.

It can also be found as a disadvantage the confrontation that can arise between personal ideology and the moment of analysis of a given patient. Professionals sometimes encounter certain cases that break with social structures, and the psychologist must unblock his own prejudices in the session. Patients often have an idea of ​​what the psychologist’s personal life is like and create a wrong fantasy. That is why the tools acquired throughout the career are essential to be able to create an empathy with each case, without getting too involved.