Psychopedagogy | I do not know what to study

NSQE psicopedagogia Psychopedagogy | I do not know what to study

So you have decided to learn psychopedagogy? If so, you have made a smart choice and in the future you will be able to help others. The career in psychopedagogy it is competitive and the best candidates are highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated.

Many people wonder why choose a career in educational psychology? First of all, there are several reasons why a person may choose a career such as educational psychology. You can be someone who wants to help other people or society.

Educational psychology is a specialized field of study and many people have found work as educational psychologists in schools and universities. The Psychopedagogy acts as a support for help in view of children and adults with learning disabilities in different environments of society.

Alicia is a Psychopedagogue and has been practicing her profession for almost twenty years. Then answer the more questions …

The race of Psychopedagogy has the objective of training professionals to intervene and facilitate the learning methods of special people and ensure that they incorporate new skills for their fulfillment.

The graduate has knowledge in neurology and psychology, proposes strategies to stimulate the minds of his patients and issues his diagnosis recognizing the social and affective spaces that surround him.

The Psychopedagogue guides and advises his patients already work teams in charge of teaching processes, provides study techniques and didactic plans, adapts the teaching conditions as appropriate, selects the educational material to take into account, carries out personnel selection processes and tests of vocational orientation, participates in social research projects and occupies a key position in human resources sectors in various companies.

The professional in Psychopedagogy It can work in public and private sectors, centers for minors, institutes for family and work guidance, departments related to personnel in companies and creation of didactic content through the latest technologies. The race is extensive, requires patience, a lot of reading and one interpretive listening based on solid knowledge about human mind.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Psychopedagogy are:

  • Wide exit to the labor field.
  • Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
  • Good economic remuneration.
  • Provide help to people who need it during their learning period.
  • Discover new teaching methods.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • Lots of competition in the market.
  • It requires knowledge of the psychological area and motivation for teaching.
  • Stressful situations when a decision can affect the future of a boy.
  • It is a very long race.
  • It requires large volumes of reading.

Remember that educational psychology is a particularly good option for those with a genuine interest in helping people.

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