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Psychopedagogy | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
de que trabaja un psicopedagogo Psychopedagogy | I do not know what to study

Psychopedagogy focuses on “a person in a learning situation”. A professional of Psychopedagogy (the psychopedagogue) is in charge of evaluating, diagnosing and helping people regardless of their age, who for various reasons cannot learn like the rest. The Psychopedagogue also trains and guides teachers to achieve better performance in the classroom.

Alicia is a Psychopedagogue and has been practicing her profession for almost twenty years. Then answer the more questions …

Why study Psychopedagogy?

Study Psychopedagogy It is for those people who like to help, since concepts are handled to collaborate in regard to teaching and learning, both for children and other age groups, since it is a professional trained to improve learning disabilities in every stage of development. Studying this career gives the student the necessary knowledge to be able to function in his profession with the necessary instruments to solve the problems he observes and create an appropriate method to achieve it. The psychopedagogue also helps to integrate children with different capacities to a school or family group.

What is studied in Psychopedagogy? What is the scope of Psychopedagogy?

Studying Psychopedagogy implies knowing the different branches or specialties that can be chosen within the course, such as work apprenticeships, as well as being able to practice the profession on the clinical or orient to school institutions. The professional can cover both the public and private spheres to carry out their work. It is also a profession that is found in a large part of the countries so you can work internationally. The psychopedagogue is the one who decides to carry out a specific orientation for a certain field or to stay with the learning of the undergraduate degree. Many times students decide to internalize certain subjects that can expand their professional activity.

What does a psychopedagogue work on
What does a psychopedagogue work on?

Is psychopedagogy a university degree? How many years does it last?

Psychopedagogy is a university career, according to the common people, aimed at improving school education. Despite this, the career offers different alternatives when it comes to taking it and orienting yourself in a more particular branch. The average course is 4 years long depending on the country where you reside. In some countries such as Peru, the profession can be part of a second specialization of a degree career such as psychology, which is why the name by which the course is called depends a lot on the country where you decide to study.

Advantages of studying Psychopedagogy

One of the advantages of the career is to be able to satisfy the supportive side that we human beings have. Psychopedagogy tries to help the other and get the best to get the desired results. Therefore, it provides a personal satisfaction that comforts the professional

Disadvantages of studying Psychopedagogy

The disadvantage is hand in hand with the advantage, the frustration that can be felt in the absence of success in the goal for the other. On the other hand, labor insertion in the educational field is sometimes difficult, as well as it is a profession dependent on institutions that request the professional.

What is the career of Psychopedagogy for?

Psychopedagogy is linked to different or special education, helps in the observation, detection and treatment with regard to physical disability, inconveniences to attract attention, learning and hyperactivity of children. Throughout the career, the student is given the necessary tools so that he can develop in his activity. Psychopedagogy serves to work the personal, family field as well as the educational one. Studying Psychopedagogy also gives the professional the possibility of carrying out an investigation in relation to the didactic methods that can be used in the educational field, or to the use of novel tools with regard to the work area.

In which universities is Psychopedagogy studied
In which universities is Psychopedagogy studied?

What does a Psychopedagogue work on? What tasks does it do?

Psychopedagogues collaborate in the didactic area of ​​learning, guide the parents of children who have difficulties in understanding and incorporating knowledge, and help in the educational development of infants, adolescents and adults. They can dedicate themselves to teaching as well as intervene in the field of vocational guidance. The psychopedagogue may work in a private entity and have the task of intervening in the workplace and finding a method for employees to achieve a more effective productive performance.

In which universities is Psychopedagogy studied?

In Argentina The Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy is offered at the University of the Argentine Social Museum (UMSA).

In Colombia The degree is named in the same way and is taught at the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia.

In Chile UCINF University offers as a professional title the career of psychopedagogue and as a related academic degree the Bachelor of Education.

In Spain: In Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona International University Center (UNIBA) offers the university master’s degree in Psychopedagogy with a duration of 10 months and a total of 60 ECTS credits and Online methodology.

In Mexico the Bachelor’s degree in Psychopedagogy is dictated at the University of Monterrey.

In Uruguay The Catholic University of Uruguay dictates the closing of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy.

This article was originally written by Ekhiñe and is currently being updated.