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Public Accountant | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE contador publico Public Accountant | I do not know what to study

The counters They work on procedures, standards, financial issues, taxes, business forecasting, financial performance monitoring, investment advice, acquisitions, mergers, and financial management.

Accountants operate in many environments, providing services for the self-employed, auditing documentation, consulting for small businesses, SMEs, in the government department as management consultants and for finance within commercial and industrial departments.

Certified Public Accountant

As a public accountant you can play a strategic role within an organization, company or financial institution, an industrial or commercial company or even an NGO. Your job could include audits, financial reporting, taxes, forensic accounting, or business recovery. Public accountants are, above all, people with great knowledge of the global and regional economy. The formation of the Certified Public Accountant It has two bases: a humanistic and a technical one. On the one hand, its foundation is mathematics as the basis of economic sciences.

Certified accountant

As a certified accountant you can perform a variety of services including the development and maintenance of financial and accounting systems, financial forecasting, auditing of financial records, and investigation of financial anomalies.

Chartered Management Accountant

The management accountant works together with other members of the management team and excels at controlling budgets and planning, prepares reports for external auditors, monitors financial performance.

On the other hand, the sociological tool is essential to understand the processes of the economy, both in a country and in the world. The race of Certified Public Accountant It is a more than successful choice for those who like so much of the practicality who contributes mathematics as the theory of sociology, and who have a deep interest in economic reality, throughout history and today.

The professional field of public accountants it is very extensive. This profession allows graduates to work independently (autonomous), for example in your own accounting study, What business advisers and also of people, in terms of economical, judicial and tax. They also work in a dependency relationship, in the public sector and the private, in areas of audit, accounting, costs; they act like trustees, intervening in bankruptcies and others judicial processes. His professional work is vital to carry out any economic project.

Certified Public Accountant

The public accountants they have a profession traditional and consecrated, but always current and in constant process from update, which makes it an inexhaustible source of knowledge, work and practice for those who want to embark on it.