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Red Cross University School of Nursing

abril 1, 2021
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The School is a private non-profit teaching center, which depends administratively and financially on the Spanish Red Cross and academically on the Autonomous University of Madrid. In 1918, the Spanish Red Cross began training professional nurses by creating the Spanish Red Cross School of Nurses. Since its origins, it has been concerned with training nurses of enormous technical and human quality in accordance with the philosophy and principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, having qualified more than 10,000 professionals of recognized prestige.

Teaching based on the scientific method is offered, using different teaching methodologies and transmitting the relevance of systematic study for understanding the inconveniences in a multicultural society with a plural perspective on ideas and values. The active participation of the student in the training process is essential for their learning.

Complementary to the training established in the Study Plan, the School offers students voluntary and extracurricular teaching activities linked to the activities of the Spanish Red Cross.

Spanish Red Cross University School of Nursing