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Religious Sciences | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
NSQE ciencias religiosas Religious Sciences | I do not know what to study

Religious Sciences combine the learning various sciences, such as philosophy, psychology and anthropology, among others.

The professional seeks to adopt pedagogical strategies to teach religion in social or formal spaces, interpret religious texts, conduct research, and help communities. Demonstrate a passion for knowledge and history.

The professional in Religious Sciences has the capacity to get involved in projects related to branches of theology, investigate and to transmit the opening to new religions, take charge of processes to understand new sciences and interpret them with respect to national theology, analyze socio-political conditions and cultural of the context in which it is found and study the Bible to apply it in social communities or educational institutions.

Religious sciences

The religious scientist works in the teaching, on the management of ecclesiastical communities, is in charge of guiding the processes pedagogical in educational and social fields, it carries out research in theological fields and pastoral, acts as a link in a community to listen and solve problems due to the didactic factor of the career and stands out in humanistic areas for his extensive communication skills.