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Right | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE derecho Right | I do not know what to study

The Law / Advocacy career trains professionals who will work in both the public and private or social sectors within the legal field.

The study of law has many areas and theories that involve a wide range of rights. In many countries, law school degrees are the minimum requirement for certain positions, such as attorney. This is because some countries require law degrees to practice law.

Some of the different subjects taught in law schools include civil and criminal law, family law, contract law, immigration law, contracts, contracts and commercial law, intellectual property, corporate law, business law, international commercial law, real estate law, financial law, business law, law corporate law, medical law, patent law, trademark law and bankruptcy law.

Law professional graduated from the University of Cartagena (Colombia). Administrative Law Specialist …

Many people who enter the field of law are the type of people who really enjoy their work because they like to help people.

Most of the people who choose to pursue a career in Law have ever wondered why study Law? Why study law? , Why study Legal Sciences? o What kind of people study law? What makes you feel passionate about the law? Do you like helping people? When you look at your professional future, whatever the case may be, you will want to know how to start your education so that you can have a positive professional experience from the beginning.

Why become a lawyer?

This question could have many different answers. It may be that they are passionate about the law itself or it may be that they are interested in pursuing a law degree because they feel that they can truly make a difference in the world around them by entering the profession.

The study of the law brings job opportunities and allows you from an early stage to start in the working world and be involved in administrative positions for example within a law firm in administrative positions, as a legal assistant or billing clerk.

The Law degree is a race that has the objective of prepare professionals in the field of legal sciences, the law graduate is trained with extensive knowledge of all branches of the discipline: the public branch, the private, the Social, the noun and adjective.

People who are received in this career can represent and / or advise people, in the field of public Law, private or Social based on the proper interpretation of the jurisdiction of the country of residence in its wide variety of application sectors.


What does a Law Degree do?

A Degree in Law develops your career in various ways, you can practice your profession freely or independently by working as consultant and in a dependent way when working for a public organization.