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Sales Techniques | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The Sales Techniques career provides the necessary tools for those who are oriented by sales, contributing with strategies, to maximize profits.

To enter the career of Sales Techniques, it is essential to have an inclination for increasing marketing or the monetary gains of an entity, or by trying to convince those around us that our product is the best to buy. The career is aimed at those people who have the pleasure of contacting customers directly and achieving the goal of offering them products according to your needs, That is why the techniques will be of great importance when carrying out the assigned work.

There are different academic institutions that offer this career, some universities offer it under the modality of technical degrees and other institutions can dictate it as a course. The race of University Technician in Sales, has a duration of two and a half years, and is considered one of the short careers that professionals can choose as a job opportunity. Some of the subjects that can be seen throughout the course are based on the main theme of sales techniques, concepts of statistics, the commercialization and its different facets, market research, some notions of administration, marketing and their fundamental meanings.

Some entities also offer basic computer knowledge and programs that may prove useful and thus facilitate the graduate’s job.

The professional of Sales Techniques will be able to develop in companies of various fields, both in the field of marketing, and in the field of commercialization, since they will be able to assist, advise or direct, directly, the sales strategies. This can be done both in the development and in the final work of get closer to the customer and to achieve the final objective of convincing him, and that he acquires the product of the organism for which he works. Some of the positions that a professional in this career can fill are administrator, marketing assistant, salesperson, account executive, even being a supervisor of a sales team.

The Sales Techniques career It provides the student with the necessary knowledge to achieve an efficient transaction and maximize a business, and in this way, they will also be able to have the required tools incorporated when applying for a commercial job position and obtaining it.

The work of salespeople

Salespeople make calls to customers; inform customers about new and old products, address customer complaints; they know prices; help with inventory control; organize the delivery or installation of a product; they verify the activities and products of the competition.

Virtual sales

Many companies expect people to visit their virtual stores and buy from them, although we know that “waiting for that to magically happen is not a business model.” Instead of waiting, take the time to learn about the buying behavior indicators, how and when people make their purchase.

How do people buy on the Internet? When do they make the decision to buy? When should a seller offer a discount or suggest another product?