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Scenery | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE escenografia Scenery | I do not know what to study

The Scenography career teaches how to create the necessary scenery that requires a staging according to the main characteristics to be represented.

The study of Scenography trains professionals capable of recognizing which is the context that best represents a scene in theater, television or cinema. The graduate has the knowledge of each element present on a stage, such as the intensity of the lighting, the sound effects, the costumes of the group of actors, the props that accompany them during their participation and which are the colors that stand out the most. in a scene.

The professional in Scenography takes into account the resources available in a play, television studio, or movie budget, recognizes the essential materials to recreate a scene, and applies old and new techniques through the latest design technologies in software programs. The Set Designer demonstrates extensive knowledge of the history of the various genres that can be found on stage from comedy and drama to action and suspense.

The race of Scenography it opens the doors to take part in plays, different projects on television or large film productions and is aimed at people with an innovative, creative mind, passionate about art and cultural diffusion.

Scenography Advantages and disadvantages of studying scenery


  • Ideal career for creative people and lovers of art.
  • Add knowledge in the history of cinema, television and theater.
  • Possibility of working in a recognized environment.
  • Good economic remuneration once the position is found in the market.
  • It allows to adapt to different working conditions.

The disadvantages of the race are:

  • The first step in the labor market is complex.
  • It requires extensive knowledge of the latest resources to use on stage.
  • It largely depends on the resources available.
  • Economic instability as it is a career in the artistic world.
  • It requires a great aesthetic vision.