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Scholarships in Argentina | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE analisis de sistemas Scholarships in Argentina | I do not know what to study

In the Argentine Republic there are numerous possibilities of access a scholarship to study at the higher level. In general, a student will be able to find a varied program of scholarships.

exist recognized scholarships in Argentina and aimed at those who wish to study a career at the higher educational, university, technical, vocational or teaching level.

Scholarship Information in Argentina

ArBec program
manages the existing scholarships in the Ministry of Education and Sports and other organizations of Argentina.

Direction: Pizzurno 935, 2nd Floor, Office N ° 222 Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Email: [email protected]
In their publications on social networks they use: #ArBec and #ArgentinaBeca.
Twitter: @EducacionAR and @dnduyv

What scholarship can I apply for?
Discover the Scholarships offered by the program ArBec

Scholarships for Teachers
Teaching Commitment are scholarships aimed at training educators.

Scholarships for Nursing
Scholarships from the National Nursing Training Program (PRONAFE)

Scholarships for Professionals
Scholarships for professionals from large companies and SMEs.

Specialization Scholarships
Bec.Ar calls for short stays and intensive specialization courses of up to 4 months

Scholarships lasting between 1 and 2 years

International Graduate Scholarship Program in Argentina

Scholarships for Institutions
Short stays abroad for STI institutions

Scholarships for PhDs and Training for short stays abroad

Scholarships from the BEC.AR program
It offers short stays for professionals of SMEs and large science and technology companies abroad

Scholarships in Science and Technology
Documentation in PDF of the BEC.AR program on Scholarships in science and

Scholarships for children of Malvinas War Veterans – Law No. 23,490 “Study of the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands” -atlantico-sur-ley-23-490 /

Scholarships for Presidential Godchildren -Law No. 20,843 “Presidential Patronage”

Bicentennial scholarships
Scholarships from the National Bicentennial Scholarship Program (PNBB)

The National Bicentennial Scholarship Program. The main objective of the program is to increase the level of income and permanence, of low-income young people, to university careers, professorships or technical courses that are considered vital for the economic and productive development of the country.

More than 360 degrees are included in the program, with which, students have great possibilities of obtaining the benefit by accessing any of the study plans that appear in the list.

National University Scholarship Program (PNBU)

The National University Scholarship Program It is a system that facilitates access and permanence in the Higher Education level for low-income students who have a good academic performance.

This scholarship program created in 1996 is focused on careers related to the branches of knowledge of Health Sciences, Human Sciences and Social Sciences. In this way, a total of 200 careers are within the program, which means that students who choose any of these study programs and have the corresponding requirements, will have the possibility of accessing the scholarship.

The recipients of this scholarship program are the students entering the Higher Education system or advanced students, who are already pursuing a career at a university or university institute.

It is valid to note that this program applies only to students who study in national universities, therefore, those who study in private institutions will not be beneficiaries of this scholarship.

Looking for a Scholarship

Provincial and municipal scholarships

These kinds of scholarships correspond to the provincial and municipal orbit and vary from one region to another. While provinces such as Córdoba, Salta or Tucumán are recognized for the scholarships they give to those who are training at the higher level, other regions do not have programs of this type for their youngest citizens. The same applies in the municipalities.

It is important that if you want to obtain a scholarship to finance your studies In Higher Education, investigate about the options you have depending on the geographical area in which you are. For example, it may happen that the benefit does not exist in your province, but the municipality in which you live does have a scholarship program.

In general terms, this type of management corresponds to the social development offices of the province or municipality in which you live.

Scholarships from universities

Virtually all universities have their own scholarship system in Argentina. These programs are specific to each institution and therefore have different characteristics depending on the university you choose to study.

The most recommended thing is that if you want to finance your higher studies with a scholarship, find out before enrolling in an institution, what it offers in this regard.

Scholarships awarded by universities are managed by the area of Student Affairs or Student WelfareOf course, this will depend on each institution.

Taking this into account, if accessing a scholarship for your higher studies It is a priority for you, once you know what you will study, you can begin to inquire about the different options that they offer you, both the state and the university institutions of your interest.