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Brazil has high-level study programs and for this reason, accessing Higher Education in the country is what many want. Do you know the scholarships offered?

Brazil, the undisputed home of carnival and soccer, is now also a leading power at an educational level. Its Higher Education system is constantly growing and in recent years, some of its universities have positioned themselves as the best in the world, such is the case of the University of São Paulo.

For this reason, Brazilians, and now also foreigners, find in the country’s university system an interesting source of knowledge that can open great doors to the professional world.

And one of the methods offered in Brazil to finance the studies of future professionals is scholarships. Do you want to know in detail which are the most important programs in Brazil?

Types of scholarships in Brazil

The Brazilian state manages projects dedicated to facilitating student access to Higher Education. One of its best known programs is ProUni, although there are also others such as Pibid, aimed at those who want to train as teachers and PEC-G for young people from abroad.

Scholarships in Brazil

These programs mostly rely on the total or partial financing of the higher studies chosen by the student, while allowing the increase of new entrants in the higher educational level and benefit those who otherwise would probably not be able to afford their university education.

There are also own scholarships in higher level institutions, which have different characteristics from one center to another, benefiting exclusively those who study in them. If you are interested in this type of scholarship, you can visit the website of the institution of your interest and check there for the benefit programs they offer to their students.


This is probably the most famous scholarship program in Brazil. The ProUni or the University for All Program, is managed and promoted by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Education, and was created in 2004. Since then it has granted full and partial scholarships to students who choose to pursue their undergraduate studies in private institutions of Higher Education.

As we said before, ProUni beneficiaries will be able to access a 100% full scholarship or a 50% partial scholarship. And this will be subject to the type of family income of the candidate.

Thus, for the total scholarship, the family’s gross monthly income will have to be up to one and a half minimum wage per person. In the case of partial scholarships, the family’s monthly gross income may not exceed three minimum wages per person.

To participate in this program, those interested will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed secondary education in a public school.
  • Have completed secondary education in a private school through a scholarship.
  • Not having a college degree.

The National Secondary Education Exam (ENEM) will be important to obtain a ProUni scholarship, bearing in mind that a minimum score of 450 will be required in the selection process. The ENEM grade will have to correspond to the year prior to the selection process.

Registration for ProUni is done online for free, and you can participate in the process twice a year, in the first and second semester.


Institutional Program of Scholarships for Initiation to Teaching, this is the name given to Pibid, a scholarship program for students who are pursuing a face-to-face degree course linked to teaching.

The objective of this program is to strengthen the training of future teachers, so that they can enter the public educational environment in the best conditions.

The interesting thing about this proposal is that the beneficiary is not only the university student, but also the public schools and teaching professionals that are part of the program.

The Pibid is delivered in five modalities, but if we focus on the university student, they receive the scholarship in the initiation to teaching modality. The beneficiary, in this case, will be the student who participates in a study program linked to teaching. The scholarship for this will be $ 400 reais per month, for a renewable period of 24 months.

To participate in this program, those interested will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have Brazilian nationality or permanent residence in the country.
  • Be enrolled as a regular student in a career linked to the exercise of teaching that appears within those accepted in the program.
  • Have completed at least one semester of the study program before entering Pibid.
  • Be willing to allocate a minimum of 32 hours per month to the internship project in schools.

Enrollment for the program is done online and generally during the first months of the year.


Student Program-Graduation Agreement (PEC-G), this is how the scholarship for foreigners granted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil is known.

This scholarship program is ideal for those who wish to move to Brazil in search of the opportunity to study at one of its public universities for free.

There are many benefits to be acquired thanks to this scholarship. The main one is to access training without having tuition or university fees. Access to the chosen institution without entrance or vestibular exam is another great advantage. As well as the possibility of receiving help for accommodation or access to medical assistance.

To participate in this program, those interested will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 23 years old.
  • Be a citizen of one of the developing countries with which Brazil has educational and cultural agreements.
  • Having completed high school outside of Brazil and with an average higher than 60%.
  • Prove the ability to pay for airfare and maintenance.
  • Take and pass the Celpe-Bras exam that certifies knowledge in Portuguese.

The PEC-PG is the Student Program-Postgraduate Agreement (PEC-PG), with which the student, in addition to accessing training without having to face the payment of enrollment and fees at the Brazilian university, obtains a monthly scholarship of $ 1,200 reais, in case of opting for the master’s degree, and of $ 1,800 reais for doctorates.

To participate in this program, those interested will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Not having a permanent visa in the country.
  • Obtain acceptance letter from the institution of the higher level where the postgraduate degree will be carried out.
  • Have command of the Portuguese language and prove it through the Celpe-Bras exam.

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