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Scholarships in Colombia | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE geologia Scholarships in Colombia | I do not know what to study

Having a higher degree is essential for your future. If the financing of your career is what generates doubts, learn about the scholarship system in your country.

It is known that the university from which a graduate obtains his degree is highly valued by companies and organizations that seek professionals, and therefore, being able to study in the best ones is part of the objective of many.

However, not everyone has the possibility of financing their studies in institutions of this kind, many students do not have the possibility of facing the expenses of studying at a university, even if it is public.

This is why the scholarships, financial aid that allows thousands of young people around the world to pay for higher education, both in their own countries, as well as those who travel abroad in search of the same opportunities.
Scholarships in Colombia
Colombia is a country in which the young student will find different financing options for their studies, however, there is no specific national scholarship program in the region, on the contrary, the student will have to go either to each university and find out there what scholarship programs are offered, or opt for scholarships external to universities, those that are managed by various organizations and foundations.

Scholarships for universities in Colombia

The most common method by which a student of the Higher Education in Colombia, gets a grant to finance his career, are scholarships from the universities themselves.

These scholarships differ from one institution to another and do not require the same requirements in all cases, nor do they offer the same amounts or types of support to the student.

Each university that has its own system of scholarships in Colombia, prioritizes the student’s academic level, effort and financial possibilities. Because the essence of any financial aid program for students is to benefit those who perform best, but who have the least possibilities.

In general, Colombian universities provide excellence scholarships, for those students who have reached the first averages, institutional scholarships for those students with clear economic needs and scholarships for those who have ICETEX credits.

Excellence scholarships apply to those who, having completed a certain school year, achieve the best average of their class, thus reaching an average of 4.0 or higher. Often times, these students in some higher-level institutions become part of the university’s honor roll, thereby ensuring, if they so desire, a scholarship to finance the entirety of the next academic term. If they maintain the same grade and average, these students will be able to renew the scholarship.

The programs of college financial aid Aimed at low-income students, they are committed to providing financial assistance to students who need it most, but also to those who possibly deserve it most. Because it is about students who have an academic performance of excellence. These scholarships typically offer partial funding when it comes to tuition and fees.

Regarding scholarships for students who have ICETEX creditsFirst, we will have to explain that said entity belongs to the Colombian state and is in charge of promoting the country’s Higher Education system, through the granting of educational credits for young people with fewer resources. It is precisely these students who are usually benefited in universities, through specific scholarships that collaborate in the financing of the degree. These scholarships are usually partial.

ICETEX scholarships for studies abroad

Through ICETEX, the offer of international scholarships for Colombian students is channeled. These are programs for financing studies abroad, which can be accessed by any young person in Colombia by attending the corresponding call.

ICETEX’s management in this regard consists of publishing the offer of international scholarships available, through calls that establish the requirements to be met, the candidate’s profile, the characteristics of the scholarship, its duration and other details.

These calls have a maximum period for applicants to participate and send their data, so that the best way to be aware of the news and opportunities that may arise in this regard, is by entering the ICETEX website, where the current calls.

ICETEX support grant for students

In addition to international scholarships, the Colombian state offers the possibility of accessing the support subsidy, intended for students who are beneficiaries of credits at ICETEX.

This would not be a scholarship, but an economic aid to meet the expenses involved in studying at the university. With this subsidy, each beneficiary will have access to $ 682,432 Colombian pesos.

The benefit will be given to those who are within the Sisben, the information system used by the National Government to identify families that may be beneficiaries of social programs. Precisely, the students who obtain the subsidy will have to belong to the third category of the system.