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Scholarships in Peru | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE ciencias religiosas Scholarships in Peru | I do not know what to study

Studying a career in Peru can be easier if you access one of the scholarships offered in the country.

The system Higher Education of Peru It is one of the oldest in America, in fact, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is considered the oldest in the entire continent, because its foundation dates from the year 1551.

This fact marks, in some way, the traditionalist character that higher-level education has in the country.

With 141 universities, 218 Higher Pedagogical Institutes, 860 Higher Technological Institutes and 43 Higher Artistic Training Institutes and Schools, you will notice that the variety of study alternatives, at least with regard to institutions, is remarkable.

Now if you wonder what financing options you have to pay for your studies, we will tell you that either you choose to assume all the expenses on your own account and that of your family, or you choose to enter one of the national scholarship programs offered in Peru.
Scholarships in Peru

National scholarship programs in Peru

Pronabec, this is how the National Scholarship and Educational Loan Program Peruvian. The program was created to contribute to social inclusion and equitable access in Higher Education.

The Pronabec It is in charge of the Ministry of Education and works through the management of the Office of Scholarships and Educational Credit (OBEC).

The Peruvian scholarship program is intended mainly for high-performance students, who are in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty and high vulnerability.

The government of Peru has signed a series of agreements to implement these Higher Education study scholarships, with the support of universities and Higher Institutes, as well as Municipalities, Ministries and Regional Governments.

Following this line of action, the Pronabec and the different scholarship modalities included in the program were shaped. Among them we will highlight the following: Grant 18 ordinary modality, Scholarship 18 special mode, Peru scholarship, President of the Republic Scholarship and international scholarships.

Scholarship 18 ordinary modality

This scholarship is probably the most general and inclusive in Peru. It is a scholarship in which numerous higher-level institutions participate, including the most prominent in the country such as the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú or the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, among others.

The program is intended for young Peruvians who do not exceed 22 years of age, are in a situation of poverty according to the evaluation of the Household Targeting System (SISFOH), have completed their secondary studies from 2010 onwards, have completed the Secondary Education in state institutions and have a minimum GPA of 15.00 at the secondary level, in case of wanting to access Universities, and a 13.00 average to access Institutes of Higher Technological Education.

It is also important that the student has entered a university and study career contemplated in the scholarship program, that is, with an agreement with Pronabec.

This scholarship covers the expenses that the student will have during the five years of university training, such as tuition, fees, pensions, etc. In the case of technical institutes, the scholarship will be for three years.

Accommodation, local transportation, study materials, laptop and Internet service can be other complementary benefits to the scholarship.

Scholarship 18 special modality

Within this scholarship we find different modalities, standing out among them, the VRAEM modality.

The modality VRAEM is a scholarship aimed at future students living in the regions of Huancavelica, Junín, Ayacucho, Apurimac and Cusco, in the districts of the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers. They will be able to access a study scholarship that will cover the financing of the entire degree, in addition to accommodation, food, local transportation, study materials, medical insurance, laptop and Internet service, tutoring service and training in English.

Peru scholarship

The objective of this scholarship is to provide support to those who wish to start their higher education in technical careers or mainly technological, to facilitate access to the professional market for adequately trained young people.

This program is also designed for those who wish to access professional training through language courses and scholarships.

Focusing on the area intended for the higher level, students will have to meet some requirements to participate in the call and thus be able to obtain the benefit. In principle, be between 17 and 25 years of age, have completed high school, obtaining the corresponding qualification in public institutions and opt for access to technological or pedagogical careers and professional technical careers.

The student’s area of ​​residence will also be considered in this scholarship, since the requirement will be to reside in the districts of Metropolitan Lima or Callao. This requirement may however vary from year to year.

President of the Republic Scholarship

Already focusing on the scholarships for postgraduate studies, Pronabec has created the President of the Republic Scholarship to benefit precisely Peruvian students residing in the country at the time of the call.

This scholarship can be used for master’s programs or doctoral programs abroad.

Those interested will have to have been previously accepted by a foreign higher level institution to study postgraduate studies, and handle the language spoken in the country to which they intend to travel.

In the case of the master’s degree, the applicant may not exceed 33 years of age and will have to have a qualification equivalent to the academic degree or the university professional degree. For their part, those who opt for the doctoral scholarship, They cannot be older than 36 years and they will have to have an academic master’s degree.

You can enroll in any of the Pronabec scholarships through the Internet.