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Special Education | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar educacion especial Special Education | I do not know what to study

Choosing a study career such as Special Education, thinking about how to help others integrate into different societies, is of great value.

Why study Special Education?

Through this career, the different pathologies that can affect the development of the human being are studied. It is a career that invites the student to collaborate with the learning of people who find a difficulty in any of their abilities. Studying Special Education instills the appreciation of the differences between each human being and poses a challenge for the student.

What is the Special Education career about?

In the Special Education career, the tools are provided so that the professional can evaluate the person who has certain developmental problems. In this way, you can make a diagnosis of the situation, make a work organization according to certain objectives, detecting problems early and developing, not only educational activities, but also organizing therapeutic sessions with different elements to collaborate in the development of the person in question.

What is the job opportunity?

The job opportunities that professionals who have studied Special Education have is wide, since they can be therapeutic companions helping the mental and social progress as well as in the physical aspects of their students. They can be developed in academia, in schools or in both rehabilitation and hospitalization centers.

Why study Special Education
Why study Special Education

What tasks does a special educator perform?

The special educator is in charge of the development and implementation of educational programs, organizes the educational care of the population with special educational needs, as well as is trained to carry out processes of labor and social integration. Advises parents and professionals to deal with people with special needs.

Advantages of studying special educator

The great advantage of this career lies in the personal well-being by collaborating with the progress of another person.

Disadvantages of studying special educator

To carry out this career you must have certain prior skills such as dynamism, fluency in speech and writing, creativity, and two fundamental issues patience and ability to teach and accompany the other. These qualities are not taught and those who do not possess them are at a disadvantage.

Where to study Special Education?

Argentina, the Universidad del Salvador grants a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education. The degree has a duration of 2 years.

Belize, Galen University holds a master’s degree in Diverse Learning Education and Special Needs. It costs around $ 800.

Bolivia, the Universidad San Fransisco de Asis, offers a Bachelor of Science in Education with a mention in Development and Special Education. With a duration of approximately 2 and a half years.

Brazil, through the Claretian University Center, the Special Education course is offered, with a duration of 14 months and an approximate fee of 280 reais.

Chile, the title of Professor of Special Education is awarded by the Universidad del Maule, with a duration of 6 years and a fee of $ 1,920 per month.

Colombia, The University of Antioquia offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a duration of 3 years. It is a public university but it pays.

In Costa Rica, the University of Costa Rica (UNA), grants the title of Special Education with an Emphasis on Integration.

Cuba, the Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical Institute, offers a master’s degree in Special Education. It lasts approximately 2 years.

Ecuador, The National University of Loja offers the career of Psychorehabilitation and Special Education. With a duration of 4 years.

El Salvador, you can obtain the title of Professor in Special Education at the Central American University “José Simeón Cañas”. It lasts for 3 years.

Guatemala, the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala is public and prominent, it grants the career of Teaching Staff in Special Education with a duration of 3 years.

Haiti, the Northern State University, offers the title of Bachelor of Education Sciences with subjects related to Special Education, it is public.

Honduras, the Autonomous University of Honduras offers the Special Education career through its School of Pedagogy, this career is free, since it is public.

Mexico, the Northwest University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. It offers the possibility of carrying out practices so that the student has a better preparation.

Nicaragua, the Special Education career is offered at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, in its Faculty of Education and Languages.

Panama, offers the Bachelor’s degree in Special Education at the University of the Americas with a duration of 4 years and is a public one.

Paraguay, offers the career of Psychopedagogy at the Central University of Paraguay with a duration of 16 semesters. This faculty is private but it is not expensive.

In Peru, the Federico Villarreal National University offers a 5-year Special Education career.

Puerto Rico, The University of Puerto Rico is the most recommended to study Special and Differentiated Education, it is an economic university.

Dominican Republic, the Pedro Henriquez Ureña National University grants the degree of Bachelor of Education Sciences with a mention in Special Education. It lasts 11 semesters, is private and costs around $ 3,200.

Uruguay, the Bachelor’s degree in Psychopedagogy at the Catholic University of Uruguay, is similar to what education is. It has a duration of 4 years, it is private.

Venezuela, the José María Vargas University dictates the career of Bachelor of Special Education with a duration of 5 years. This faculty is private.

Advantages of being a special educator
Advantages of being a special educator

In Europe:

Spain, the most recommended is the Complutense University of Madrid, through its Pedagogy degree where educational knowledge is applied. It lasts for 4 years and is public.

Portugal, you can obtain the specialization degree in Special Education at the Portuguese Catholic University, with a duration of 2 years.

Currently, the universities that dictate this type of careers or specializations have grown through the awareness that has been taken in this educational field.