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Sports Journalism | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
nsqe periodismo deportivo Sports Journalism | I do not know what to study

For all those passionate about sports who always wanted to live off their passion but the physicist did not respond to them, a career in sports journalism may be an option.

The sports journalism career has a special tinge, since one graduates not only with the necessary knowledge to be aware of the most well-known sports that can be seen in the different media, but also the career aims at a complete professional, who can know the history and rules of various sports with which, many times, not all are related.

The duration of the race It is closely linked to the educational entity that provides it, in general, most of the institutions that dictate it as a technician, have a three-year course. Some subjects that the students of the career may have delve into journalistic writing and the language used in this type of profession, as well as they can be found with a subject of professional ethics. You can also have topics related to multimedia media, such as a radio or television workshop. And what is fundamental, the subjects that can be taken in the vast majority of educational entities are: chess, tennis, football, basketball, boxing, athletics, rugby, hockey, volleyball, motor racing, swimming, cycling, golf, polo , among others. Throughout the course you can see concepts that encompass both the tradition of each sport, as well as the rules of each one and the figures that transcended.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a Sports Journalist? No, before starting to study Sports Journalism …

Sports Journalism proposes a complete training so that the professional can develop in different areas, even work in different media. There are those who specialize in a particular sport, either for fun or for an opportunity that may arise. There are journalists who make their own way by making their own sports programs, or by issuing a magazine, newspaper, blog or website linked to a sport, or in the case of football, they can relate to a particular club. It is usual for sports journalists to start in the field while they are studying, so that later, graduates, they can count on a path traveled and a great experience in their profession.

Sports journalism

Professionals in the Sports Journalism career tend to be passionate people, with the necessary tools to critically evaluate each sport and communicate an informed opinion.