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Study Animation | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
de que se trata la carrera de animacion Study Animation | I do not know what to study

Why study Animation?

Animation is a technique that consists of artificially endowing inanimate objects with movement. It is used in various fields, although it is mostly known in the artistic world for the generation of cartoons.

What is Animation about?

With the passage of time, animation became a much more extensive and complex process than the simple production of traditional cartoons. Currently it is about using different techniques, mostly computerized, for the creation of animated images. While cartoons are created by drawing each frame, techniques such as Stop Motion have been added, which photographs immobile objects, then joining the frames, or the more well-known computer animation. There are many techniques for Animation, as well as uses for animations that go beyond mere entertainment.

What tasks does an Animator perform?

The Animation professional will be able to carry out all the tasks related to the generation of an animated product. From the conception of the idea, through the drawing of the parts of the future animation, computerized animation, the design of the animation backgrounds, the creation of the characters, 3d modeling, post-production, etc. This multitasking character will expand for the professional the possibilities of labor insertion in the world of animation.

What is the Animation career about?
What is the Animation career about?

What do you study to be an Animator?

Some of the subjects that you can find in the different animation courses and careers can be: Drawing; Animation; 3d animation; Character design; Post Production; History of Animation; Modeling; Script and Narrative; Comprehensive Cartoon Production; Design of Backgrounds and Scenographies; Stop Motion; Pixilation; etc. Keep in mind that not all careers and courses aim for the same type of animation, some will be oriented to more specific styles, so the subjects will also vary according to this.

What is the job opportunity of an Animator?

The sectors that use animation as a tool have expanded in recent years, so job opportunities have also expanded. An Animation specialist may work in advertising agencies; in television production companies; autonomously as a cartoon maker; as an illustrator in graphic media; etc. On the other hand, some animation techniques have become more accessible, and the film industries of Spanish-speaking countries have been encouraged to make quality animated productions, so the industry has grown a lot in our region in the end times.

Advantages of studying Animation:

Being a technology-dependent career, improving techniques and creating new techniques increases job opportunities.

It is in clear growth in Spanish-speaking countries.

The conception of animations as an exclusive product for children has been put aside, thus expanding the audience and the number of productions.

Unlike traditional film productions, animation allows you to put into practice any idea generated by your creativity, any world can be drawn or animated, any story can be told and the monetary restrictions are much lower.

It is usually a short-term career.

Disadvantages of studying Animation:

As we usually say, since it is not a traditional career, you should be careful with the institutes that dictate courses. You should do careful research to avoid entering poor quality or unrecognized sites.

Although it is a rapidly growing field, it will not be remarkably simple to find a job. It will depend on your abilities but above all on how you manage to show them.

Drawing and Design in Animation
Drawing and Design in Animation

Where to study Animation?

One of the most recommended institutes, although it is not in the Spanish-speaking world, is Animation Mentor. The courses are in English, online and relatively expensive, but it will offer you courses of different duration during which you will find yourself guided by recognized animators.

Argentina:The IDAC offers a free technical degree in Animated Film, and in Image Campus you have many careers related to animation, such as being a Senior Technician in Comprehensive Cartoon Production or a Senior Technician in 3D Design and Animation, both with a duration of 3 years. You also have more specific and shorter courses, with an average of about 5 months. At the New School of Design and Communication you can study Animation and Cartoon Designer, a career that lasts 3 years. Another recommended institute is the Da Vinci School of Multimedia Art, where you can become an Animation Film Director in 3 years, short animation courses of 2 months or a Professional Training Course in 3D Modeling and Animation of 250 hours.

Chile: At UNIACC you can study Digital Animation. At the Universidad del Pacífico, on the other hand, you can take a career in Digital Animation and Video Game Design, which lasts 2 and a half years.

Spain: The Ramon Llull University (URL) in Barcelona and the Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) and the European University of Madrid (UEM) in Madrid.

Mexico: In Mexico you also have an Ars Animation School headquarters. There is also a very recognized institute, such as the Westbridge Film School. Here you can choose Refresher courses for animators, the Degree in Animation and Audiovisual Effects, which lasts 3 years; or the Master’s Degree in Animated Film Direction, lasting 14 months.
Fun Fact: The smallest movie in history was made by a group of IBM scientists and filmmakers and is named “A Boy and His Atom.” The “actors” were a pair of atoms, manipulated to achieve performance by the tip of a microscope.