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Study application development | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
desarrollo de aplciaciones conferencia Study application development | I do not know what to study

What career or course is studying to develop applications?

The well-known “modern professions” are all those that are linked to the use of technology, of course, when talking about study for application developer You may be wondering what a career of that kind teaches.

Application Development Conference
Application Development Conference

What activity does an application developer do?

This professional is in charge of developing, or we could also say, creating, the computer or mobile applications that companies and institutions use for their activity. These also receive the definition of Web programmer And that is because part of their knowledge must be based on programming.

Developer conference
Developers and programmers at the campus party

Who can be interested in this career?

The application developer It is the one that, above all, is governed by logic, these professionals are often described as truly passionate about the code, because precisely, they move in that environment. Intellectuals, those who seek constant knowledge and training, proactive people who can adequately solve the problem presented to them, those who always seek the simplest way to reach a solution, those who simply never stop when try to train and adapt to the technology market, they will find this profession fascinating.

Conference on Innovation at the campus party
Conference on Innovation at the campus party

Where can an application developer work?

The growth of this profession and the positive projections for the future, makes it possible for a developer to find work both in public institutions and in private companies. There are cases in which the programmer belongs to the company under a dependency relationship, while situations can also be found in which the professional collaborates on projects, in a freelance way with certain organizations.

How is the training of application developers?

Developers debating ideas
Developers debating ideas

It is often said that the programmer’s profession requires a very self-taught attitude, and that the success that the professional will have in it will depend on it. There is, at the moment, no university career that offers a bachelor’s degree on the activity, but what can be found are many alternatives in specialized courses and vocational training instances in this regard.

Face-to-face or distance courses, courses that last a few months and others that even last two years. Everything will depend on the specialization you want to have and the areas you want to manage, because the truth is that the developer must be constantly updated, taking into account that technologies advance and that learning a code is not a guarantee of anything, training must continue , incorporating new knowledge, codes and with it, enriching itself in the face of competition.

Application developer
Application developer

How are distance courses to learn about application development?

To learn about the development of remote applications, it will be possible to work both individually and in groups, that will largely depend on the institution that offers the course and the student’s choice. Weekly discussion forums are offered, the opportunity to consult the teachers in charge, classes through videoconference, reading materials and participate in periodic evaluations. The student acquires a certificate for being part of the training.

Where to study programming for free?

On the web programmr (Twitter: @_programmr) in English they offer free and paid training to learn how to program various languages ​​such as Java, PHP, jQuery, C ++, C # and Python.

On the udacity website (Twitter: @udacity), you can find several free courses in English on Android development, how to use Git and GitHub, Java programming.

On the codecademy website (Twitter: @Codecademy) they offer courses in Spanish and other languages ​​where you can learn the concepts and syntax of the most popular programming languages ​​(PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby and there are also courses where you will learn to create websites by structuring and styling their pages with HTML and CSS.

On the coursera website (twitter: @coursera) it offers various programming courses in Spanish, such as an introduction to programming.

Where to study Application Development or programming?

In Argentina: UTN-National Technological University, Inter-American Open University (UAI), ULP – University of La Punta, National University of Tucumán, National University of Santiago del Estero.

In Spain: The IT School (on Twitter @School IT) He teaches application development courses online and proposes various courses: Object Oriented Analysis and Design taught by Professor Luis Fernández from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Android 2 Experimental Laboratory, practical GIT for developers, Programming Course with Swift 2 , etc.
At the Madrid Distance University (UDIMA), CEAC, SEAS – Open Higher Studies, EXITAE – Open Training University School.

In Guatemala: The company JoomlaGuatemala offers various courses and training in programming.

Galileo University offers the human development program where it dictates the Computer Programming Technician program, with a duration of two years, arranged in 4 cycles and 72 academic credits. In the same university the Software Development Technician program is dictated, duration of this program is two years and the academic load is three courses per quarter, the program has the objective of producing software, which includes its design, construction , debugging, optimization and maintenance.

The Open Training training center offers courses on Mobile Programming, Web Programming, Web Editing and Design, Basic Programming, Java, it also offers technical careers Java developer Technician, GNU / Linux Operator Technician, GNU / Linux Shell Scripting Technician.

In Mexico: Grupo Planeta de México (Deusto Formación on Twitter @DeustoForMx) offers courses on Application Development for Mobile Devices.
In Tlalpan, Tecnológico de Monterrey offers Mobile Applications for Electronic Businesses with a duration of 6 months.