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Study Aromatherapy | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
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If you like to take care of yourself and ensure that people can find their own well-being with natural methods, the Aromatherapy study can captivate you with its charms.

Why study Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an interesting science that handles the different properties of plants and oils, which uses all its aromas to favor different people with their body and mental well-being in the short and medium term. By learning to handle these methods, people can walk the path of natural medicine knowing a new way to satisfy different needs, solve problems, until they achieve an encounter with the harmony that is needed to be healthy.

Is this study conducted in all countries under the same name?

This study is called in most countries under the same name, the difference that can be found is the specialty with which it can be accompanied through the training that an institution can give. Thus, in Argentina the studies of Aromatherapy, with its classic name. In Brazil it receives the same name. In Colombia, those interested can take training in Techniques of Relaxation with Aromatherapy. In Spain you can study Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Nutrition, and in Mexico, those who are interested in the subject can enroll in the courses of Clinical Aromatherapy that are provided.

Do you want to study aromatherapy
Do you want to study Aromatherapy?

What is studied in Aromatherapy?

Some institutions that offer the Aromatherapy course present different subjects within their academic training. Thus, the student can find what is related to naturopathic or biological medicine and its respective history over time; Some concepts of philotherapy are also offered, better known as herbotherapy, the science that deals with the use of medicinal plants; topics that deal with natural nutrition what it does to your biochemistry and your needs; the different types of oil and the functions that can be extracted from them; the advantages of aromatic plants and their toxicity issues, which are very important when working with this type of therapy.

What does an aromatherapist do?

An aromatherapist is responsible for finding balance in the body and achieving healthy energy in those who find it difficult to handle it. Many people go to an aromatherapist for stress or body pain, so their task is based on helping and collaborating in the internal search for harmony through natural methods such as oils, finding the best way to solve moods. and the difficulties you have with your own emotions.

Some professionals through the courses can distinguish the properties of essences for the preparation of both therapeutic products and for perfumes and cosmetics.

What job opportunities do you have?

Aromatherapy can be done in a private way, through a home service or by providing it in a special venue, as well as there are centers that seek to have this kind of professionals in the members of their staff, such as Pilates centers, or yoga, beauty centers, spas or massage institutes, among others.

Advantages of studying aromatherapy

The advantage of studying Aromatherapy is linked to the vision of carrying out an integral practice of body well-being through natural methods that can achieve a change in the person who uses them. Not only are new knowledge learned by studying it, but techniques are also acquired to help others.

Disadvantages of studying aromatherapy

The disadvantages that a person who decides to study Aromatherapy may encounter are linked to the perseverance that must be had in the search for clients who want to know the benefits of this practice, if they are looking to make a living from this profession. Since being a natural science, many look at it with some distrust and do not believe in its benefits.

What is studied in Aromatherapy
What is studied in Aromatherapy?

How long does the Aromatherapy study last and what kind of level of studies does it provide?

In Argentina, the Argentine Institute of Natural Therapies offers the Aromatherapy distance course, with a duration of seven modules with all the information that the interested party needs to be a complete professional.

In Brazil¸ You can take the Aromatherapy course at By Samia, a center that offers different specializations with different levels of study, both are offered in eight hours.

In Colombia, the Colombian College of Cosmetology and Cosmiatry offers the Relaxation Techniques course, which includes therapy through essences as part of the program. The duration is four hours.

In Spain, You can take the Aromatherapy course at the Ibero-American University Foundation, they last nine months, where different specializations can be carried out throughout the program.

In Mexico, the Mexican College of Floral and Natural Therapists offers training in Clinical Aromatherapy, with a course of fourteen hours.

The oils that are used for aromatherapy have different properties, but great care must be taken when using them since within their characteristics they can also be dangerous.

It must be taken into account that they must be diluted in a bath, since one of the consequences that they can bring is skin irritation. There are certain pH of people who do not tolerate certain essences, that is why before using them there are several issues that must be taken into account such as allergies to certain foods or health problems that a person may have, both in relation to the skin such as breathing, such as asthma. It is also important to know that some people can react badly to the effect of aromatic plants or oils, in this sense they can present headaches, nausea, as well as burns or body allergies. This can happen, according to studies, in contact with citrus essences of orange, grapefruit or lemon and a more problematic picture can be visualized when using an ultraviolet light on the skin. That is why the courses are of great importance, since the use of Aromatherapy must be in a responsible way, knowing the details that may arise in these exceptional cases.