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Study Art Photography | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar fotografia artistica Study Art Photography | I do not know what to study

Art Photography can be described as photography purely made with the purpose or objective of expressing the artist’s own vision and feelings.

Why study Art Photography?

Because you are a person who has a lot to express through photography. Art Photography is not like commercial photography in which it is produced to sell a product or promote an image. It is not about journalism in the wild where a photograph is taken to capture or tell a visual story that matches a writing.

The Artistic photography focuses on the aesthetic value or inspiration of an image. To the study fine art photography you will be able to see beyond a moment to capture. The Artistic photography refers to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. However, there is no universally accepted definition of the term, especially since the artistic value is closely related to the eye of the beholder.

Why study Art Photography
Why study Art Photography

How long is the Artistic Photography career?

If you want to study one Bachelor of Artistic PhotographyThis will last approximately four years, but there are also courses and diplomas that you can take and that have a shorter duration. There are courses that last a month or two and diplomas that last approximately half a year or a year.

Who are the most important photographers in Art Photography today?

Several photographers have been recognized for their artistic work, among them, the most important are the following: Steve Winter, Declan McCullagh, Trey Ratcliff, Damon Winter, Scott Stulberg, Toby Kelly, David Pullum, Mike Murphy, GMB Akas and Nick Brandt.

What does a photographer specialized in Artistic Photography do?

The term “art photographer” can refer to a number of different types of photographers, but generally, it is a professional who takes photos and sells them. Unlike other photographers, an art photographer focuses more on the artistic expression of a photo rather than its practical effects. Consumers who purchase such photos can use them for home or office decoration, use of a calendar or poster, or even for presentation in a museum or art store.

Since the advent of digital photography and computer photo editing software, the art photographer has had many more opportunities to control the presentation of a photo. The photo can be completely manipulated or altered in a computer program to create new types of art, or the art photographer can focus on creating artistic images without digitally modifying them. Either way, the main goal of the photographer is to create an image that can be appreciated for its beauty, uniqueness, rarity, or even its value to society.

Bachelor of Artistic Photography
Bachelor of Artistic Photography

Where to study Photography?

Argentina: Aloha Photo School, ARGRA – Association of Graphic Reporters of the RA, Association of Professional Photographers Rep. Arg., General San Martín Cultural Center, Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Dabbah Teófilo Practical School of Photography, The Studio / School of Photographers of Diego Angel, Argentine School of Photography, School of Image, FADIGATI school of photographers, University of Buenos Aires

Chile: School of Photography Arcos, etc.

Colombia: Workshop 5, etc.

Spain: School of Photography and Image Center, European Institute of Design, Higher School of Communication, Image and Sound, Higher School of Arts and Shows, GRISART Higher School of Photography, European University of Madrid, Higher School of Flash Photography, etc.

Mexico: Academy of Visual Arts, Active School of Photography, Photographic Art Center, Photographic Club of Mexico, Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, etc.

Peru: Image Center, etc.

Uruguay: Photo Uruguayan Club, Uruguayan School of Photography and Video, TRIS, Aquelarre, BIOS School of Design etc.