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Study Comic Design | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
estudiar diseño de historietas Study Comic Design | I do not know what to study

Comic Design is responsible for the comprehensive creation of the comic strip or comic, generating a story through drawing in different formats. It is a discipline that maintains a large number of followers around the world.

What is Comic Design about?

It is about the integral work related to the construction of a comic strip. From the conception of the original idea, the creation of the characters, the world present in the comic, the generation of a script, the assembly and the production of the final product of the comic. This is why, contrary to the common idea, it is not only necessary to be a good draftsman, but also to have ideas and capacity for composition and writing.

Is it called the same in all countries?

No, depending on the country and even the educational institute where you study it, you will find it with different names, such as Cartoon Design, Comic, Illustration, Graphic Humor, etc. It will also have different names if you want to take a course directly from a defined comic style, such as manga.

Study Comic Design
Study Comic Design

What tasks does a Comic Book Designer perform?

The Comic Book Designer takes care of the original idea; the composition of the characters; their drawing, along with that of the world around them; the creation of the script; the layout of the images and the text; the inking; the generation of the covers; etc. The Comic Book Designer will be able to perform all or just some of these tasks, depending on the job you do. On the other hand, these are the basic tasks carried out in the traditional comic strip format, but others will be added in case of performing for television, video games, advertising, etc.

What is studied in Comic Design?

The subjects will vary greatly according to the institute and the orientation you choose, but some of the basic subjects will be: Cartoon Design; Illustration; Drafting; Animation; Character Construction; Diagramming; Narration; Inking Techniques; Script Creation; Creation of Covers; Etc.

What is the career path of Comic Book Design?

The world of comics has adapted in a great way to the 21st century and the arrival of new technologies, for which job opportunities have not only not diminished but have increased considerably. Of course you will have the traditional comic-book creation outlet for newspapers, magazines, and other print media. But the market for comics marketing through social media groups has also grown a lot, this being a good option if you intend to work independently. You can also work in advertising agencies, merchandising companies, design studios; multimedia production companies, etc.

Advantages of Studying Comic Design:

You can apply your creativity and stand out thanks to it.
There is a captive market of comic fans that gives you some security to sell your productions.
The expansion of job opportunities in recent times gives you greater possibilities to get a job, but also to specialize in a specific area of ​​Cartoon Design.
Studies will allow you to apply your skills and work anywhere in the world.
There are usually plenty of institutes where you can study Comic Design and complementary courses.

Disadvantages of studying to be a Comic Book Designer:

The beginning of your professional career can be a bit slow, until you manage to make a name and a reputation in the world of comics.
Beyond the advantages of having many alternatives of places to study, you must be careful and find out well so as not to choose a poor quality institute.
If you dedicate yourself to selling your comics independently, you may have ups and downs in relation to your economic retribution.

What tasks does a comic book designer perform?
What tasks does a comic book designer perform?

Where to study Cartoon Design?

Argentina: If you are looking for a university, you should go to the University of Palermo, which dictates the degree in Comic Design. It has a duration of 3 years. As for institutes, there is a great variety and of very good level and recognition, highlighting the Escuela Argentina de Historieta, which offers a 1-year course. The Garaycochea Drawing School offers you a 2-year Comics Course with the option of 1 extra year of specialization. The Luís Ordoñez School offers a comprehensive 3-year drawing course, where you will not only learn Cartoon, but also Humorous Drawing; Animated cartoon; Humorous Advertising and Design; Caricature and Painting.

Spain: The most recognized is the Escolajoso Comic and Visual Arts Center. There you will have a 3-year Comic Course, the same as your Manga course. The Higher School of Professional Drawing allows you to study a 1-year comic course, apart from intensive summer courses in Manga and Character Creation.

Mexico: The Mexican Academy of Sequential Art offers intensive summer courses in Comic and Comic Manga, as well as annual courses in Illustration and Comic; Illustration, advertising and design with comics and many more. At Draw You School you have an annual Drawing, Manga and Comic course.

Peru: The Lima Art Museum offers a 9-month Comic, Manga and Comic course, as well as minor courses in caricature and humorous drawing. The Technological University of Peru usually conducts short comic and manga workshops, in conjunction with the Embassy of Japan.

Curious fact: The best-selling comic in history was published in 1990, and was the first edition of Spiderman by Todd McFarlane. This comic reached the not inconsiderable number of 3 million copies sold. However, many claim that this impressive success was not due to the quality and fame of the writer, but to a wave of speculation that accompanied this industry during that decade, and that would lead the comic industry to an impressive crisis of which only it would come out after more than 10 years.