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Study Consortium Administration | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar administracion de consorcios Study Consortium Administration | I do not know what to study

Neighborhood problems, at certain times, can cause great stress, that is why the role of a Consortium Administrator is essential in every neighborhood community.

Is it called the same everywhere?

The degree, like many others, varies its name according to the country where it is studied, in Argentina it is known by the name of Consortium Administrator; in Colombia, Building Manager; in Mexico it is called Real Estate Administrator and ostentatious buildings located in the areas of greater purchasing power in cities usually have this type of professional. In Brazil, it can be known by the name of Real Estate Law. In Spain, it is known as Administrator of Properties or Administrator of Communities.

Why study Consortium Administration
Why study Consortium Administration?

Why study Consortium Administration?

The race provides a broad vision of the issues that must be taken into account when carrying out the organization of a neighborhood complex. In Argentina, for example, there are different classes of properties, since there are buildings, gated communities, countries, horizontal properties, and in that case, the professional must be aware of the corresponding handling of each case. You can do a tertiary career and then do some type of specialization in a certain type of specific property.
This career is classified as a short-term course, but it offers a very wide field of knowledge, ranging from law, accounting to architectural issues, these characteristics are what give it a special attraction for students who decide to study it.

What tasks does a Consortium Administrator perform?

A Consortium Administrator is in charge of carrying out the expenses of a residential building, apartment complex, gated community, offices, country clubs, shopping centers. He is in charge of both the tax area and the legal issues that may affect the owners of that consortium.

The Consortium Administrator has different responsibilities in the consortia, since it is not only a matter of organization together with the owners the work that must be carried out, but also the coordination of work with the managers or porters, the maintenance personnel of the different areas to do in a building, security personnel, insurance contracting, fire extinguisher review and legal issues that must be taken into account in relation to the city in which the consortium is located. The administrators, in addition, must have a good communicative treatment since the professional must have a leadership role when preparing the meetings or assemblies between owners to deal with issues such as building improvements, replacement of personnel or any inconvenience that may arise between neighbors. .

What is the job opportunity?

The job opportunity of this profession is interesting, since all the complexes where you live with other owners, must have a person or a company that carries out the expenses, that can organize them, pay month by month and take care of the problems buildings that may arise over the years that the property may have. The Consortium Administrator has the responsibility of representing the owners who choose him or her as administrator.
The administrator can start in a company and then can set up his own venture, in this way it is a profession that tends to be independent and that pays at the end of the month, in addition, the task can be carried out in different consortia at the same time.

What is studied in Consortium Administration?

Some of the subjects taught in the different courses or tertiary careers linked to the Administration of Consortia can be labor law, civil law, horizontal property regulations, accounting, urban planning, architecture, taxes, maintenance of consortia, mediation and negotiation, deontology and professional ethics, as well as in some places where the course has a wider range of subjects, some topics related to computer science and the different applications that are used in the administrative field are dictated that can facilitate the work of the professional.

Advantages of studying Consortium Administration

One of the great advantages that can be seen in this career is that it has a short course and allows the professional to manage the hours of the working day. The assemblies with the neighbors are monthly or fortnightly, therefore it is not necessary to go every week to the buildings that are administered.

Disadvantages of studying Consortium Administration

The great disadvantage of the profession is the weight of responsibility that is carried on the shoulders, the calls from the owners can come at any time, be it due to annoying noise from neighbors, elevator failures or even power outages. That is why whoever undertakes this career must understand the patience that must be handled in various cases that may arise.

Do you want to study Consortium Administration
Do you want to study Consortium Administration?

Duration of this training / career, is it a course? Tertiary? Academic?

In Colombia: The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce offers a course with a diploma under the name of Horizontal Property Administration and Conflict Resolution, with a duration of three and a half months.

In Argentina: The Argentine Real Estate Chamber, through its Real Estate Training Institute, offers the career of Administrator of Consortiums and Modern Urbanizations with a duration of two and a half years as a tertiary degree.

In Spain: It is usually offered as a postgraduate degree, since in some places the tuition in law or related career is required, but at the University of Alcalá the degree of Property Administrator is offered and it lasts approximately two years.

In Mexico: The Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico offers the Diploma in Administration and Finance in Real Estate, through a course and has a duration of one hundred and sixty-five hours of classes.

In Brazil: the “Faculdade Autónoma de Direito”, the Real Estate Law career is dictated with a duration of eighteen months at the postgraduate level.

Many administrators over time decide to start a career that can be complemented as a public auctioneer or law. Both are related careers that can be developed perfectly together and achieve a broader knowledge to put into practice in different situations that may arise.