Study Event Organization | I do not know what to study

quieres estudiar organizacion de eventos Study Event Organization | I do not know what to study

Why study Event Organization?

The Event Organization is in charge of designing, planning and executing all kinds of events, be it congresses, parties, conferences, etc. It is a career in high demand today.

What is Event Organization about?

An Event Organizer will take in his hands the entire process that takes from the original idea of ​​an event to the evaluation of how it was developed, through the design, the allocation of the budget, the inquiries of the different services to be obtained, the negotiation of the service providers and their hiring, the invitation and confirmation of the attendees, confirmation of the place where the event will be held, transportation and gastronomy services, comprehensive coordination during the event and subsequent evaluation.

Do you want to study Event Organization
Do you want to study Event Organization?

What capabilities should an Event Organizer have?

The Organization of Events is a very particular discipline, and you must have some special qualities to carry out these tasks efficiently and successfully: you must have creativity, to stand out in your events; meticulousness, so that all details are taken care of; negotiation skills, to get the best services at the lowest possible cost; inventiveness and improvisation capacity, to solve problems that arise during the execution of the event; etc.

What tasks does an Event Organization specialist perform?

The tasks carried out are very numerous, so we will name just a few: Contact with potential clients; presentation of a project for the realization of the event; realization of the budget and distribution of funds to the different areas of the event; formation of a work team; creation of a list of suppliers; investigation and resolution of the place of the event; negotiation and contracting of suppliers for all event services; invitation and confirmation of attendees; general control prior to the event; general logistics coordination during the event; post-event evaluation.

What is the job opportunity of Event Organization?

The Event Organizer can work through his own company, offering his services to third parties, in a dependency relationship for another Event Organization company or as part of the staff of organizations such as hotels, NGOs, cultural centers, clubs, discos, etc. Some of the events that you will be able to organize will be: private parties, congresses, conferences, art shows, exhibitions, book presentations, exhibitions, etc. He may also work in public areas, advising or organizing all kinds of meetings for state institutions.

What is studied in Event Organization?

Some of the subjects with which you will find in the race can be: Organization of Events; Ceremonial and protocol; Public relations; Businesswoman Image; Planning and Management; Languages; Commercialization; Human Resources; Marketing; etc.

Labor Field:

  • A specialist in Event Organization can work as head or assistant of the Events or Protocol Department of public or private institutions.
  • Work as a freelance or event, protocol and ceremonial consultant in companies.

Advantages of Studying Event Organization

  • It is a dynamic race, each event will be a totally different experience.
  • You must be constantly training yourself to keep up to date on the latest Event Organization techniques.
  • You will meet a lot of people, which will broaden your professional spectrum and also give you great personal satisfaction.
  • It is a very well paid profession.
  • If you are good at your profession, you will have a lot of possibilities for progress.

Disadvantages of studying Event Organization

It may take a while for you to make a name for yourself in your profession and land interesting jobs.
It can be a stressful job, as it involves a lot of responsibility and investing many hours of your life.
There are many imponderables in the organization of an event, and if it does not turn out as expected, the fault will fall on you.

What tasks does an Event Organizer perform
What tasks does an Event Organizer perform?

Where to study Event Organization?

In Argentina: In the School of Gastronomic Art the Professional Program of Organization of Events is dictated, which lasts 20 months. The University of Palermo allows you to study for Event Organizer as an intermediate degree, there are 16 subjects with a duration of 2 years. In the Center for Event Organizers there is a Technical Degree in Event Organization, which also lasts two years. The Inter-American Open University (UAI) offers the Technical career in Event Management and Organization, with a duration of 2 years.

In Spain: At the University Camilo Jośe Cela offers the Degree in Protocol and Organization of Events, which lasts 4 years. At the International School of Protocol you have several options: to be a Senior Technician in Travel Agencies and Event Management, which lasts 2 years; the 4-year University Degree in Protocol and Organization of Events; the 1-year University MBA in Event Organization, Protocol and Institutional Relations; and the Master’s Degree in Protocol and Organization of Events, also 1 year.

In Dominican Republic: The Inter-American University (UNICA) within the School of Public Relations, offers the superior course in Organization of Events, Protocol and Ceremonial, with a duration of 6 months. The Concepción Bona Labor School offers a 3-month course in Event Organization.

In Uruguay: In the Hotel Technical Institute of Uruguay you can do the technical degree of Technician in Public Relations and Organization of Events, which in this case will last only 1 year. The Gato Dumas College of Gastronomy offers a one-year Event Organizer course.

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