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Study Film and TV Script

abril 2, 2021
por que estudiar guion de cine y tv Study Film and TV Script

Do you want to be a Screenwriter?

The production of audiovisual content is based on the stories that they are going to tell. To develop them not only must have a great deal of creativity, but also a series of technical knowledge about how to prepare a literary script for film and TV.

Alfredo is a scriptwriter, director and teacher of the workshops that take place in a cultural room. He tells us that “year after year more people sign up for the courses we teach, especially the initial one, which refers to Literary Script. During the course we try to stimulate creativity and imagination so that there are more and more novel stories. We achieve this with the projection of films that marked cinematographic history either by their text or by their direction. We see the format in which the scripts must be developed in order to be presented in production companies or in competitions, since there is no use creating a wonderful script if it will never be screened ”.

Why study Film and TV Script
Why study Film and TV Script?

“In addition to teaching about the making of a Literary Script, we have a second part that seeks to go from paper to screen. In this instance, we instruct on how to transform the first one into a Technical Script and we carry out various recording and editing practices, ”says Alfredo.

The teacher says that the people who most choose to professionalize in this field are young people, even many of them who have not finished school yet. According to him “this is because there is a resurgence of art, but also a generation that seeks to leave everything of itself in creativity, moving away from traditional or technical careers.” Regarding the positive and negative consequences of taking this course, Alfredo explains that “you can exploit resources that people did not know they had and make magnificent stories known. The final work of the course consists of the development and delivery of a complete Script, a question that many students are encouraged with and end up sending it to competitions and producers and others, who do not have so much confidence, keep in a drawer so that no one ever will. read ”. In addition to the production of film scripts, which is what the course emphasizes the most, students learn to generate scripts for documentaries, soap operas, series and units.

Why study Film and TV Script?

  • Because you like to write and you are a lover of audiovisual arts.
  • Because you have a story to tell through the screen but you don’t know how to do it.
  • Because you are passionate about the seventh art.
  • Because you are willing that if one day your story succeeds, most of the credit goes to the person who directed it.
  • Because there is something you want to investigate and make a documentary with it so that people are aware.
  • Because you would like to work on a television channel.
  • Because you want to adapt a story, a novel or a poem that you once wrote or someone else wrote to the audiovisual format and you do not know how to achieve it.

Film and TV Script Students
Film and TV Script Students

Where to study Film and TV Script in Argentina?

Cinema University

Palermo University


The script lab


Patagonian University Institute of the Arts

Where to study Film and TV Script in Uruguay?


Where to study Film and TV Script in Spain?

university of Navarra

Madrid School of Film and Television Septima Ars