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Study Health Services Administration

marzo 31, 2021
que tareas realiza un administrador de servicios en salud Study Health Services Administration

If you are a person who has a certain affinity for medicine and is also attracted to things related to organization, or carrying out projects, this career will capture your attention.

Why study Health Services Administration?

The career of Administration in Health Services, according to the students who decide to undertake it, fuses for many two particular interests, the organization or the administration, with the topics that are related to medicine and the health of patients. It is a contemporary career that has emerged from the specification of the different areas and tasks that are required today.
The Health Services Administrator has a very important role in the strategic management of the institutions that refer to the health field, which are categorized as medical coverage, sanatoriums, clinics, government entities such as hospitals, ministries, entities that regulate the operation of services and health care, among others.

Is the race called the same way in all countries?

On many occasions, careers change their name depending on the country that offers it, in this case, in Argentina it can be taken as Health Services Administration, in Brazil the degree is under the name of Health Management and is offered as a level of postgraduate. In Colombia it can be studied as Health Services Management. In Mexico the degree is called Health Systems and Services Administration, and in Spain it is offered with a Master’s degree under the name of Quality Management in Health Services.

What tasks does a Health Services Administrator perform
What tasks does a Health Services Administrator perform?

What subjects are studied in the Health Services Administration career?

Some of the subjects that can be seen throughout the course range from those related to business administration, accounting and marketing, those related to finance and economics, costs as well as those related to thematic of history, health care, the organization of health services, hospital equipment, issues related to the different medical benefits that a patient can have, social works, prepaid medicine, mutuals.

What tasks does a Health Services Administrator perform?

The administrator is in charge of different tasks, since he is in charge of carrying out the management of different decisions both in the organization of spaces or institutions, as well as in the purchase of supplies, equipment or the hiring of certain necessary jobs. The professional must be aware of the possibilities and resources managed by the entity for which he works, in order to carry out correct planning. He will be in charge of the design of various economic aspects that are related to health problems.

What job opportunities do you have?

The Health Services Administrators must acquire throughout the course a complete vision of what the health system does, which is why from this role they can perform both in the private and public sphere, either in hospital institutions , health regulatory bodies or government areas that are in charge of developing and managing health policies. You can also work in clinics, prepaid medicine companies, social works, private medical study centers, laboratories. In many cases, in parallel to their paid work, the administrator decides to undertake some kind of research to prepare reports and obtain more knowledge about different situations that can be linked to the health of the population, or the welfare needs that are required.

Advantages of studying Health Services Administration

One of the great advantages of the career is its comprehensive vision, mainly the knowledge it provides in terms of health resources and its relationship with the administration of both the institutions and the necessary supplies for the areas that make up the different organizations of Medicine.

Disadvantages of studying Health Services Administration

The professional who has decided to study Administration in Health Services may encounter the labor obstacle of being a recent career, which must still allow time to settle in society as a necessity. Many entities still do not consider this role as a requirement in their companies.

Job opportunities in Health Services Administration
Job opportunities in Health Services Administration

Where can you study Cultural Property Management?

In Argentina¸ The University of Business and Social Sciences offers the Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration with a duration of four years, granting the intermediate degree after two years of the University Technician in Health Services Administration.
In distance mode, the Higher Institute of Health Sciences (ISCS), which offers the Health Services Administration Career, grants the title of Superior Technician in Health Services Administration, with a duration of 3 years.

In Brazil, SENAC of São Paulo offers the post-graduation course in Health Management, and it lasts for a year and a half.

In Colombia, the University of Antioquia offers a career in Health Services Management, under the undergraduate degree level, with a duration of eight semesters.

In Spain, the University of Murcia offers the Master in Quality Management in Health Services. Aimed at graduates or graduates in health and has a duration of two years.

In MexicoIt is dictated under the modality of Doctorate, and you can study Health Systems and Services Administration at the Olmeca University, with a three-year course.

By way of closing and in relation to this career, it is important to understand that Health Services Administration is a profession that has emerged through the experience that exists in different societies in relation to health. This area, at present, involves the management of different concepts such as accessibility, quality of care, commitment and responsibility, among others, and it has become a fundamental issue for the political field. That is why the role that the professional in charge of the management and organization of health services has taken is very important in the composition of each gear of the system. The Health Services Administrator would come to occupy a place of intermediary and articulator of the different areas that make up medicine.