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Study Hospitality | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
estudiar hoteleria Study Hospitality | I do not know what to study

Hospitality is the discipline that is responsible for managing and providing services related to accommodation and gastronomy to occasional customers. It is an activity closely related to tourism.

What is Hospitality about?

The Hotel Industry is not only in charge of the administration of a hotel, as its name would indicate, but of the management of various aspects concerning different services related to tourism. This can include the gastronomy, the organization of events or the accommodation itself. There are also different types of places where these services are provided. Some of the possible hotel establishments are hotels, pensions, hostels, campsites, apartments or bungalows for temporary rent, timeshares, etc.

Study Hospitality
Study Hospitality

Why study Hospitality?

Because it is an activity that is in a permanent state of growth and innovation. The great improvement that the international transport and communications system has shown in recent years allows every city to have its own tourism industry and significant levels of visitors. Also the student exchange and the greater ease in the organization of international congresses help to encourage tourism and hotel activity.

What is studied in Hospitality?

This will depend on the orientation given in each course, undergraduate or graduate, but will basically include subjects such as Administration, Gastronomy, Hotel Management, Marketing, Tourism Legislation, Tourism, Hygiene and Safety, Hotel Accounting, Languages, etc.

What tasks does a hospitality specialist perform?

The tasks that you will perform are truly varied, and, just to name a few, include the following:

  • Design of tourist plans, together with companies in the field.
  • Administration of specific areas of a hotel establishment, such as reception, shopping, gastronomy, personnel administration, etc.
  • Financial administration of the hotel establishment.
  • Advice on investment projects for the construction of a hotel establishment.
  • Advice on public bodies or private organizations for the development of public policies in the field of tourism.
  • Teaching in the field of Hospitality (a discipline in constant growth in the supply of courses and with such a high demand requires a high number of educators).

What is the job opportunity for a Hospitality specialist?

The graduate of a Hospitality career will be able to carry out his functions in the field of: Hotels, pensions, hostels, campsites, timeshares, temporary rental housing, tourist complexes, rural tourism establishments, tourism companies. Within each of these hotel establishment options, you will be able to perform various functions, from those destined to a specific sector, such as reception, to the general administration of the establishment.

Advantages of studying Hospitality

The alternatives of hotel establishments are in a process of growth, both in their variety and in their quantity in each region, as well as in their appearance in regions and cities where until recently there was no tourist activity.

The variety of functions in which you can perform opens up the range of job opportunities for you.
Contact with people guarantees you a permanent openness to new job options, apart from the personal satisfaction that it guarantees in itself.
The hotel industry is a field in which new techniques and innovations of all kinds are constantly appearing, so it is a great motivation not to get bogged down in professional training and to remain vigilant in matters of studies.

Disadvantages of studying Hospitality:

The fact of being one of the “fashionable” professions makes the offer of courses and careers very wide, so you must be very careful in the institutions you choose to train.

The administration of a hotel establishment is usually a very demanding job both in number of hours and intensity.

The number of career options can take time to choose which sector to pursue, and also until you start to excel in it.

Work at a hotel reception
Work at a hotel reception

Where to study Hospitality?

Argentina: The University of Belgrano offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality with a duration of 4 years and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism for 2 years. The Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from the University of Morón lasts 4 and a half years and a University Technician’s Degree in Hotel Management 3 years. If you prefer at a distance, the University of Belgrano dictates its Technique in Hospitality and Tourism, which lasts 2 years.
Chile: The Austral University of Chile dictates the Tourism Business Administration degree, which lasts 5 years.

Spain: The International School of Hospitality, Tourism & Languages ​​offers a one-year program that includes an internship, and after which you will obtain the Higher National Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism. The Pablo de Olavide University dictates the Postgraduate Course of University Specialist in Hospitality Management and Direction, which lasts 9 months.

Mexico: The Universidad del Valle de México offers two careers: The International Bachelor of Hospitality Business Administration, which lasts 4 and a half years, and the Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration, with the same duration. At the Anahuac University there is a Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management. The characteristics and duration depend on the venue you are going to.

Peru: The Alas Peruanas University offers distance training in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy for a duration of 5 years divided into 10 academic semesters, with an average of 30 hours per week and 480 hours / semester.
The César Vallejo University in Lima offers Tourism and Hospitality Administration in face-to-face mode.
The Andean University “Nestor Cáceres Velásquez” in Puno – El Collao, offers a face-to-face Master’s Degree in Hospitality and Gastronomy.
In Lima, the Southern Scientific University offers face-to-face training in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management.
In blended mode, the American Company J&M offers the Diploma in Administration and Strategic Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality.
The Instituto Superior Tecnológico Privado Libertador, offers in Lima the training of Tourism and Hotel Administration with a duration of 1 year.
The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (Postgraduate School) in Lima offers the training in Hotel Management and Management with a duration of 6 months.
The Catholic University of Santa María in Arequipa, offers in person, the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality, with a duration of 5 years.
The Tourism Training Center, Cenfotur offers in Lima and Cuzco offers the Hotel Administration training, with a duration of 4 years and face-to-face modality.

Uruguay: At the Instituto Técnico Hotelero del Uruguay he studied to be a Hospitality Technician, a career that lasts 2 years.

Curious fact: One of the strangest hotels in the world is located in Luna Salada, in Bolivia. In the middle of the famous Uyuni salt flat, you can sleep in a room made entirely of salt. Not only the walls and the floor, but also part of the furniture.