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Study in Peru | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
donde estudiar abogacia Study in Peru | I do not know what to study

In Peru there are 1,100 higher education careers. Faced with such a variety, do you think you already have the necessary information to choose your training?

Peru’s Higher Education system is characterized by being one of the most modest in Latin America. Currently, the country occupies the position No. 7 in the ranking of educational quality in Latin American countries.

This does not mean that study in Peru is a bad idea. It only implies that at the level of competence in training, there are other neighboring countries that have managed to build a much more solid Higher Education system. In any case, the higher educational model in Peru is constantly growing, even today being able to offer more than 1,100 higher level careers to young Peruvians.

And that’s not all, because we must also say that 3,325 Higher Education and Technical Productive Institutions can be found in Peru. This immense variety can be classified as follows: of that total 141 are universities (there are public and private); 860 are Institutes of Higher Technological Education; 218 are Institutes of Higher Pedagogical Education; 2,051 are Centers of Productive Technical Education; 43 are Institutes for Higher Education of Artistic Training; while the remaining 11 are about Schools and Technological Higher Education Institutes of the Armed and Police Forces.
Study in Peru
Faced with this variety of options, you are surely wondering how to decipher the operation of the higher education system in Peru and therefore, we are here to answer your questions.

How is the Peruvian university system made up?

The variety is part of the Peruvian Higher Education system. But you should not be alarmed, there is no need to worry, the fact that this educational system is diverse and somewhat more complex than others does not mean that it is more difficult to understand.

In Peru you can find two levels: that of the University Higher Education and that of the Non-University Higher Education.

Peruvian universities belong to the first group.

The second group includes the Higher Pedagogical Institutes, Higher Technological Institutes and Higher Artistic Training Institutes and Schools.


Today 141 Universities are recognized in Peru. These institutions offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. In the first case, students will be able to access the titles of Bachelor, Master or Doctor.

The curriculum taught in Peruvian universities usually lasts 5 years, with two semesters per year. These are career courses and general courses.

Universities in Peru can be classified as public and private. Among the latter we must make a clarification, because there are private, private or associative universities and private company universities. The former are managed by teachers and students who are joint owners of the educational infrastructure, and the latter function as private companies, charging a specific fee to the students.

Higher Pedagogical Institutes

These institutes are part of the Non-University Higher Education level and are training centers dedicated to the training of teachers for different levels of education.

In the Higher Pedagogical Institutes the average duration of the training program is 5 years.

Today 218 Higher Pedagogical Institutes are recognized in Peru.

Higher Technological Institutes

Also belonging to the level of Non-University Higher Education of Peru, the Higher Technological Institutes are in charge of training intermediate level professionals, to be inserted in the service and productive sectors of Peru.

In these institutes, programs with a variable duration of between 1,500 and 2,500 hours must be taken.

Currently, young people who decide to train in this kind of institute will be able to access about 860 establishments throughout the country. They can also be distinguished Higher Technological Institutes state or non-state management.

Institutes and Higher Schools of Artistic Training

These are non-university higher level institutions in charge of training artistic training teachers, as well as professional artists from different specialties.

The curriculum of these institutes contemplates an average duration of 5 years.

Today 43 institutes can be found in Peru that meet the characteristics described above.

Other Higher Education institutions that do not fall within the category of non-university institutions are: the School of Public Health of Peru, the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts, the “Diego Quispe Tito” of Officers of the Armed Forces, the Higher School of the Armed Forces, the National Police School of Peru, the National School of Merchant Marine “Almirante Miguel Grau”, the Diplomatic Academy of Peru and the National Conservatory of Music.

Higher degrees in Peru

If we are to talk about higher degrees in Peru, again we will have to focus on the type of institution that imparts them.

If you are looking for undergraduate or postgraduate careers, you will have to develop your training in universities, both public and private in Peru.

When you study an undergraduate program in Peru, you can obtain the Academic Bachelor’s Degree, which takes an average of 5 years of study.

It will be thanks to this qualification that you will be able to access postgraduate studies, with a master’s and a doctorate, each lasting 2 years, the two postgraduate options currently available.

In the Higher Pedagogical Institutes You will be able to obtain the title of Professor of the specialty you have chosen.

In the Higher Technological Institutes, the qualification to be obtained is that of Professional or Technical Technician, of the chosen specialty.

Regarding the title awarded by the Institutes and Higher Schools of Artistic TrainingYou should know that in them you can obtain the Artistic Training Teacher and the Professional Artist.

Where to study in Peru?

In the Peruvian capital, the city of Lima, it is the region in which the largest number of higher-level institutions are concentrated. In this city alone there are 50 universities, among which we must highlight the first founded in the country and the oldest in all of America, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

Cuzco is another important Peruvian metropolis that brings together several higher-level institutions, among them we can highlight the Andean University of Cuzco or the National Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru.

And in the same way Arequipa, with 108,823 students in university training and 70,252 students in institutions of the Non-University Higher Education level, occupies a predominant place as an ideal region to study a career in Peru.