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Study Kinesiology | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
trabajar como kinesiologa Study Kinesiology | I do not know what to study

Those who study human movement from a scientific perspective are actually kinesiologists, would you like to study this career?

Why study kinesiology?

We could offer multiple reasons why you should consider kinesiology as your ideal career, but in reality, this will depend largely on your interests and professional needs. Therefore, the answers to why study kinesiology they must take this conception into account.

In principle, we will tell you that the study of this career is conducive to people who have a great spirit of solidarity and bet on the help of the other in elementary issues such as physical, for example, trying to improve their quality of life.

The training will also be recommended for those who have a great capacity for observation and remarkable skills in the use of hands and direct physical contact with other people.

Undoubtedly, the career of kinesiologist It can be ideal for those who enjoy being part of the recovery processes of patients affected by various diseases, and who at the same time, are great awareness about the importance of leading a healthy life, preserving health.

Another reason why a person should choose kinesiology as their career is that these professionals have a great interest in knowledge about human anatomy.

How long is the Kinesiology degree? Are there courses?

Due to its connection and application in the medicinal field, Kinesiology is a university career with which the graduate can obtain a degree as a Bachelor’s degree. The average duration of this career is between four and five years.

There are also those considered Kinesiology courses, although these do not offer the degree of kinesiologist, instead, the student receives the training and authorization to work as an assistant to the first, acting as a collaborator. These courses usually have a duration of one year.

Work as a kinesiologist
Work as a kinesiologist

How is the day to day of a kinesiologist? What activities do you do?

The kinesiology professional is in charge of helping to rehabilitate or recover the motor functions of a person. Many of the treatments that this graduate provides to his patients consist of performing massages or other more complex procedures in which heat, pressure or the use of the service user’s own strength intervenes.

The kinesiologist uses resources such as technological ones to carry out their daily work, using different devices that make it possible to offer the appropriate treatment for each ailment.

Among the frequent day-to-day activities of this professional, we find the following as main:

-Examine patients and identify areas with imbalances or ailments.

-Identify the treatment indicated for each discomfort that affects the patient.

-Participate actively in the rehabilitation of patients.

-Prevent possible diseases or discomfort in healthy patients.

Advantages of being a kinesiologist

As the main advantages of being a kinesiologist, we find the possibility of working in different areas, since the professional who chooses this career will be able to develop their activities both in the hospital environment, in the community or even the sports environment, which is where it is currently booming. profession.

On the other hand, the training will allow the professional to specialize in various areas such as neurological, traumatology or cardiorespiratory.

Disadvantages of being a kinesiologist

Like all professions that are in direct contact with people’s health, in Kinesiology there are many conditions that cannot be cured by the professional. This is one of the disadvantages that occurs in the normal work of the kinesiologist.

What is the best university to study Kinesiology?

The best university to study Kinesiology is the one that can offer a complete study plan, not for that reason it should be the longest in years, but in general, the degree should last between four and five years. We must remember that the kinesiologist acts on people’s health and their quality of life depends, to a great extent, on an adequate action by this professional, therefore, the ideal thing will be to look for universities that offer the Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.

Some of the best institutions are: University of Buenos Aires, Complutense University of Madrid, Central University of Venezuela, National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Chile, etc.

Where to study Kinesiology
Where to study Kinesiology

Where to study Kinesiology?

In Spain: European University of Madrid, University of Seville, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Murcia, Complutense University of Madrid, Rey Juan Carlos University, etc.

In Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, Inter-American Open University, University of Morón, Dr. Rene G Favaloro University Foundation, Catholic University of La Plata, University of Business and Social Sciences, etc.

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla, Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Autonomous University of Yucatan, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mesoamerican University of the Gulf, Autonomous University in the State of Mexico, etc.

In Colombia: Universidad del Rosario, Universidad Santiago de Cali, Universidad de la Sabana, etc.

In Venezuela: Central University of Venezuela.

In Uruguay: Ma-Pa School.

In Chile: University of Chile, San Sebastián University, Professional Institute of Chile.

Anecdotal fact

Kinesiology and physical therapy are often referred to as the same. In countries like Spain for example, physiotherapists fulfill exactly the same function as a kinesiologist, in fact, they obtain the same training. But when it comes to the Physiotherapist Technician, what is being referred to is who applies the appropriate therapeutic techniques, according to the guidelines of the Kinesiology professional.