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Study Music Production | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar produccion musical Study Music Production | I do not know what to study

The study of the Musical production focuses on music-related projects with aesthetic and commercial characteristics.

Why study Music Production?

The Music Production career provides the tools for the creation of musical events, such as recitals or the presentation of new artists, with a knowledge base in sound training, legal advice and the promotion and dissemination of the material.

Through the recognition of the music market and its evolution, a Music Producer increases the reach of the artists it represents on a commercial level. He is responsible for the preparation of the event and that which surrounds it, such as the promotion of the material, the commitment and respect for the available budget and the legal aspect to comply with the requirements and focus the artist in the right direction.

study Music Production
study Music Production

Studying Musical Production expands the communicative values, the social movement within the world of music, advice during recordings, special presentations in various media and creation of artistic and musical press material. The subjects of the career provide the most important elements of the language of music, recording techniques, basic rules for visual communication and the use of the latest computer programs for editing, mixing and managing sound material.

In which sectors does a music producer carry out his work?

A music producer works in the creation of new artists, working with them, with labels and renowned music companies, with production companies, event organizers, specialized media, management and development of national and international shows and record companies. Radio and audiovisual products can focus on theater, film and television. The Music Producer can work on recording, processing and mastering processes of sound materials for editing in the media.

Labor Field

  • In record companies as a publisher.
  • In digital media, Cinema, TV and Radio, music and film production companies.
  • As an Independent or Freelance Editor for production companies.
  • In the marketing of music via the Internet.
  • At independent record companies.
  • In advertising agencies, Marketing and digital design.
  • In the video game industry, as a sound and special effects designer.
  • In the area of ​​quality for the high definition audio industry.

How to recognize if the race is for me?

The passion for music is a decisive factor in making the decision to study the career. It is advisable to play an instrument, have a good ear to recognize different musical genres, be comfortable in social events, have skills to disseminate projects and be creative and analytical to develop strategies that adapt to the artist’s needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Music Production

Advantages of studying Music Production:

  • Diversity of work spaces, from independent artists to large production companies.
  • Improve our music in case of playing an instrument.
  • Short-term career, between two and three years.
  • Provides communication and dissemination tools in the commercial field.
  • Possibility of traveling in case of organizing international events.

Disadvantages of the race:

  • It is a career that requires a large budget.
  • It requires a good ear and a wide knowledge of musical genres.
  • Being related to art and culture, a legal declaration of new projects is required to avoid legal problems or plagiarism.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Situations of constant competition for the variety of artists who seek their space to publicize their music.

Where to study Music Production?

In Argentina: The University of Palermo offers a short 2-year degree, a total of 16 subjects.

The School of Sound and Music Production (Inartec) offers courses, seminars, artistic and technical workshops, the Music Production course has a total workload of 332 hours. 83 classes of 4 hours.

The Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) offers the University Technician in Music Production, with a duration of 3 years and with the title of University Technician in Music Production applied to Audiovisual Media.

The Ceartec Art and Technology Center offers the career of Superior Technician in Sound Recording and Musical Production, grants the diploma of Sound and Recording Assistant (2 years). Official Title: Superior Sound Technician specialized in GPM (4 years).

Tecson School offers courses in Sound and Music Production.

The Buenos Aires School of Music (EMBA) offers Music Production training, with the final title of Professional Music Producer, with the intermediate title of Sound and Recording Technician, with a total duration of 6 semesters.

The TAMABA Tertiary Center offers the training of Higher Technician in sound and music production, with a duration of 3 years.

In Spain: The virtual school “24Bits” of Musical Production, offers virtual courses for the formation of musicians and producers.

In the city of Barcelona, ​​the ESART International Campus of Performing Arts, Music and Image offers a Degree in Commercial Music: Creation and Production, the course is in Spanish and with a duration of 3 years, (from September to June), it offers a double Double Degree “BTEC Higher National Diploma in Music Performance” & ESART Diploma in “Commercial Music: Creation and Production”.

SAE Institute Spain offers in Barcelona and Madrid the University Degree Course in Audio Production: BA / BSc Hons in Audio Production, in Spanish, with a duration of 24 months (Full Time) or 36 months (Part Time).

At Microfusa Barcelona, ​​it offers the Music Production Diploma, with a duration of 6 quarters.

The Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), offers training in Music Production and Management in Barcelona.

In Mexico: the Technological Institute for Audio Studies (ITEA) offers training in Audio Engineering and Music Production, with a duration of 4 years and divided into 8 semesters.

The Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey offers a degree in Digital Music Production Engineer, with a total of 9 semesters.

The G.Martell AC School of Music offers the International career in Digital Music Production, with a duration of four years and a quarter, (4275 hours of training).

The Fermatta Music Academy offers Engineering and Production in Contemporary Popular Music.

The National School of Audio and Musical Production SC (ENAM), offers Electronic Music Production, Audio Production and Contemporary Music, Audio Production and Film Music.

The Institute of Art, Science, Technology, Singing and Musical Production (ARSCITE) offers the comprehensive professional training diploma in Composition, Production and Digital Audio, with a duration of two semesters.