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Study Pastry | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar pasteleria Study Pastry | I do not know what to study

A pastry chef is a professional who is dedicated to making cakes and other products related to pastry, such as sweet bread or pastries.

Pastry, confectionery or confectionery is a branch of gastronomy that specializes in desserts, such as cakes, sweet bread, pastries, cakes, etc. In this way, a pastry chef or pastry chef could be considered as a cook or chef of the sweet. However, baking is more than making desserts, it is an art related to the world of sweets.

What does a pastry chef do?

A pastry chef or pastry chef is a chef who makes desserts, whether they are cakes, sweet bread, cakes, pastries, puddings, etc., that is, any type of dessert.

Why study Pastry
Why study Pastry?

What do you study to be a pastry chef?

To be baker, pastry chef or confectioner It is necessary to study, either a career in gastronomy with a specialization in pastry or specific courses or workshops in pastry or pastry. There are also graduates in pastry. The ideal is to study a gastronomy career first and specialize in pastry later. However, as we have mentioned, there are baking courses open to all public, the only disadvantage of the courses is that with them you do not get the same training that you get through a bachelor’s degree.

In any case, it is possible to find more complete courses and diplomas, for this, the ideal is to compare what the different institutions offer us, always checking the hours that each course comprises, who teaches it, what is the program, etc. in this way we will be able to find the one that best suits our needs. It is very important that a pastry course program includes the processes of making different types of dessert, as well as the techniques, methods and tools that are usually used in pastry, among others. It should also be borne in mind that there are some professional pastry training.

Why study Pastry?

Because you would like to be chef specialized in desserts. Because you would like to innovate the world of confectionery with new ideas of sweet food. Because you consider that being a sweet chef is an art. Because your life’s dream is to work in the world of desserts.

What tasks does a pastry chef perform?

A pastry chef, mainly, is dedicated to creating or preparing desserts of different types, whether new or modifications of existing ones or the elaboration of typical desserts. A pastry chef can also become a chef who controls the section that is dedicated to the preparation of desserts. It is also possible to start your own business, a pastry shop, for example, and work as both a manager and a chef in it.

Advantages of studying Pastry

Between the advantages of studying pastry We find that it is a training that can be simple, since one can become a pastry chef through specialized workshops and courses on this subject. On the other hand, if you study Pastry, it is very likely to end up working in the studied area, since the demand for this career is not so high. Another advantage of studying Pastry is that you can become a pastry chef, thus being able to have more responsibilities and higher economic remuneration. There is also the possibility of creating your own business, such as a pastry shop, which increases benefits such as salary and personal satisfaction.

Disadvantages of studying pastry

Studying Pastry also has some disadvantages. The first one is that, being courses or workshops, most of them are not officially certified, which can lead to some disadvantages when it comes to finding work. However, this can be avoided by choosing the most important schools or institutions in the country or region and asking if they have any official validity, if we take care of these details, there may be no problem in this regard. On the other hand, Pastry can be a stressful and exhausting career, since in most cases it is usually work to order and on some occasions these orders may come together, such as on special days such as Christmas, the kings day, etc.

What do you study to be a pastry chef?
What do you study to be a pastry chef?

How long does it last? Where to study Pastry?

In Argentina The most important gastronomy schools where you will find Pastry courses are the following: Professional Pastry School, Professional Academy of Kitchen and Pastry “Tomás Sánchez”, Osvaldo Gross, The American Institute, School of Gastronomy Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno, AGA Gastronomy, Escuela of Professional Pastry, School of Professional Pastry Pastry, etc. Each of these courses and professional training has different duration, some last hours, others months and there are some that last more than a year, the ideal is to ask each school for its duration and study plan to find out which is the best one. adapts to our needs.

In Brazil, Iped courses, Specialized Center in Gastronomy, Escola de Confeitaria Diego Lozano, Renata Almeida Escola de Confeitaria, Centro Europeu, Confeitaria Doce do Saraiva, etc. These courses also have a different duration, some last hours, others months, etc.

In Colombia, the best institutions to study Pastry are: International Gourmet Academy, Colombian Institute of Bakery and Pastry, Pastry Club, Paulitas Arte y Azúcar, among others. Each of them has different types of training as courses.

In Spain there are diplomas that last several months, courses of different lengths, etc. These are some institutions where they are taught: Le Cordon Bleu, Spanish Gastronomic Institute, International Cooking School, Chocolate Academy, Pastry, Confectionery and Ice Cream of the Community of Madrid, Professional Confectionery Training Center, Paco Torreblanca pastry school, etc. .

In Mexico, the International Gastronomy Institute, the Franco Mexican Institute of Gastronomy and Pastry, Turin High Pastry, etc. are some in which you can study a pastry course.