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Study Settlement of salaries | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
liquidador sueldos no se que estudiar Study Settlement of salaries | I do not know what to study

Why study Salary settlement?

A Salary Adjuster or a payroll manager, guarantees the accuracy of payments to employees of a company.

Susana works together with her partner in a labor services study that she has set up for about a decade …

The Settlement of Salaries is a fundamental process of the accounting or personnel administration area of ​​any company. Carrying it out correctly implies a great responsibility because it will depend on whether employees charge correctly or not. There are some companies that decide to outsource the work by hiring a study to do it for them and others that have a team of people trained to do it from within. In either case, the person in charge of this must know how to do it well.

Study for salary adjuster
Study for salary adjuster

Why study to be a salary adjuster or payroll manager?

A payroll manager, in addition to calculating the exact pay of the employees, guarantees the appropriate deductions that have been taken from the gross amount of the payments to satisfy local and regional regulations, benefit funds and garnishment requests. A land adjuster also has among their common job responsibilities managing and supervising payroll support staff.

When new staff are hired, a payroll manager typically assists the human resources department in their orientation. Usually confirms your rate and frequency of payment and verifies what deductions need to be made on your paychecks. When current employees move, are laid off, or resign, it takes care of adjusting their pay rates or writing final checks.

If a company offers benefits packages to its employees, the payroll manager is usually the administrator of the employees. She is often responsible for pension funds, stock options, and the payment of prizes and bonuses. Employees typically approach her seeking answers to their questions about these benefits. If management considers changes in salary or benefit structure, it is often discussed frequently in conjunction with the human resources manager.

To ensure efficiency in all financial operations of the business, a payroll manager typically communicates with accounting and human resources managers for salaries, benefits, and payroll procedures and policies. These managers often work together to develop and implement changes that can benefit the entire company. If employee contracts are part of the company structure, managers can periodically review them and recommend changes.

What kind of people might this training be interested in?

A successful payroll manager is usually a good communicator. He usually tends to interact with other company executives as well as staff employees on a regular basis. Your discretion is important, as personal matters such as salaries, bonuses, and benefits are often discussed. It is preferable for a paycheck to have good math skills. Being an organized person will also help a payroll manager simultaneously tackle multiple problems and achieve desired results.

Qualifying for this job typically requires a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. Some companies prefer a master’s degree in the same concentration. If the applicant has more than five years of successful payroll or management experience, the educational requirements may be reduced or eliminated.

Money handling

What kind of work does someone who has studied to be a salary adjuster do? What is the scope of the race?

The general job of a payroll adjuster is to: pay employees and compile payroll information by managing payroll preparation as well as completing reports.

Among others, a salary adjuster has these job responsibilities: coordinating and managing the entire payroll function; manage and supervise direct reports on the payroll team; help with payroll administration; have control and audit of all payroll, ensuring legislative compliance and rewards (tax compliance, retirement, etc.); required projects such as continuous improvement and standardization of operations and payroll systems; manage benefit programs, such as retirement or medical if applicable; calculation and payment of severance payments (resignation, retirement, etc.); payment and reconciliation of bond payments, etc.

Salary settlement
Salary settlement simulator

Why study Salary Settlement?

  • Because you like numbers and you have a facility with them.
  • Because you like to learn about labor laws and collective agreements.
  • Because you are interested in the workers receiving their pay well.

In which universities can I study to be a salary adjuster?

In Spain: Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Barcelona, ​​Complutense University of Madrid, University of Seville, Rey Juan Carlos University, University of Burgos, University of Granada, Carlos III University of Madrid, etc.

Where to study Salary Settlement in Argentina?

In Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, National University of Rosario, National University of La Plata, Inter-American Open University, University of Belgrano, Austral University, Argentine University of Business, UdeMM, Siglo 21 University, Argentine Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Where to study Salary Settlement in Colombia?

In Colombia: Autonomous University of Colombia, INCCA University of Colombia, Sergio Arboleda University, La Salle University, ICESI University, etc.

Where to study Salary Settlement in Venezuela?

In Venezuela: Bicentennial University of Aragua, Andrés Bello Catholic University, Oriente University, Metropolitan University, etc.

Where to study Salary Settlement in Mexico?

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Metropolitan Autonomous University, University of the State of Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Business University, National Institute of Public Administration, AC, National Institute of Public Administration, College of Mexico, etc.

Where to study Salary Settlement in Uruguay?

In Uruguay: BIOS, Cuti.