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Study Social Work | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar trabajo social Study Social Work | I do not know what to study

If you want study social workYou have to be a person very committed to society and it is very important that you like to help other people, since a social worker works helping different groups in society.

Why study Social Work?

Social work is a profession dedicated to helping people to function in the best possible way in their environment. This may mean providing direct services to people in their homes or places of work, helping people to help themselves. It can also mean working for change to improve social conditions. The Social Work career prepares you to become a professional social worker, helping to develop the knowledge, values ​​and skills essential to the practice of competent social work.

Why study Social Work
Why study Social Work

What is studied in Social Work? How long does the Social Work career last?

This career normally includes subjects on the following topics: Alcohol and Drug Problems, Child Welfare, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Cultural Diversity, Ethics and Values, History of Social Services, Human Behavior, Social Environment, Social Research, Practice of Social Welfare, Social Work Administration, Social Work and Services Policy, Statistics, etc. The degree usually lasts between four to five years (depends on the country and the university).

What does a social worker do?

Many social workers work for social change. Being a Social Work professional is more than working with people helping them find their well-being. Social Work is running a local social service agency, writing grants, training and conducting support and educational groups, changing the way around communities, working directly with people of all ages, from children, families and even the elderly.

Advantages of studying Social Work

  • Being a social worker can be rewarding as you dedicate your life to making a difference in the lives of other people, thanks to helping them.
  • Social workers promote social change and improve our society.

Disadvantages of studying Social Work

  • While satisfying, being a social worker can be stressful and work-intensive.
  • Social workers have to work long hours due to the number of cases resulting from lack of staff in some agencies.
Where to study Social Work
Where to study Social Work

Where to study Social Work?

In Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, University of the Argentine Social Museum, National University Entre Ríos, National University of La Matanza, University of La Plata, National University of Lomas de Zamora, etc.

In Chile: University of Valparaíso, Central University of Chile, Alberto Hurtado University, etc.

In Colombia: National University of Colombia, Universidad del Valle, Universidad Pontificia Bolivaria, Universidad Externado de Colombia, etc.

In Spain: University of Alicante, University of Barcelona, ​​Complutense University of Madrid, University of Granada, University of Murcia, University of Oviedo, Public University of Navarra, University of Santiago de Compostela, etc.

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Veracruzana University, Baja California University, Guadalajara University, National Polytechnic Institute, etc.

In Peru: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, National University Federico Villarreal, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University, etc.

In Uruguay: University of the Republic, etc.

This article was originally written by Ekhiñe and is currently under review.