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Study to be a Police Officer | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
convocatoria policia nacional Study to be a Police Officer | I do not know what to study

The Police is an institution in charge of maintaining public safety and deterring crime, in accordance with the provisions of the country’s authorities. It is a risky profession that carries a lot of responsibility, but it can also bring a lot of personal satisfaction.

Why study to be a Police Officer?

If you have a great sense of duty and justice, if you like to protect your fellow man and the tasks related to the investigation, studying to be a Police can be a very good option. The options to work as a policeman are very varied, from uniformed officers to elite police officers, to detectives, who carry out their own investigative tasks.

What is the Police career about?

It is necessary to clarify in the first instance that, with its similarities, the police career usually varies in its functions according to the country in which it is practiced. In general, it is responsible for the custody of public order, preventing the execution of crimes through its dissuasive nature, as well as acting ex officio in minor cases. They also tend to engage in investigative work, ordered by a competent authority, when a crime has been committed. The race itself is also very varied, according to the country in question and also to what it is oriented. There are schools for cadets, officers, non-commissioned officers, etc., changing in each case the entry requirements and also the contents of the study plans. Some of the positions require only a secondary degree and the completion of certain courses, while to enter to work in certain specializations it is necessary to study specific university degrees. We will delve into this later.

Policemen in a parade
Cops in one act

What is the job opportunity?

You can enter as a Police officer within the municipal, regional or national forces of your country. You can also join elite forces or, with your advanced career, international institutions like Interpol. You can also dedicate yourself to police training. Some policemen, after completing their public work, dedicate themselves to training in defense or the private security sector.

What tasks does a Policeman perform?

The tasks carried out by a police officer will depend to a greater extent on the institution in which he works and the position he occupies in it. But mostly it can deal with:

  • Surveillance in public spaces.
  • The investigation of specific cases, assisting the judge who takes a case.
  • Control of compliance with regulations on public roads.
  • The interruption of a crime and the arrest of those who are committing it.
  • Assistance to the population in cases of disasters, catastrophes or extreme situations.
  • The direction of traffic on public roads.
  • Surveillance at meetings and mass events, etc.


Through the completion of specific courses or careers, a Police Officer can pursue a specialized professional field within the police force. Some of these specialties are:

  • Scientific police.
  • Explosives Brigades.
  • New Technologies Research Brigades.
  • Technical Support Units.
  • Judicial police.
  • Organized Crime, Etc.

Duration: Again it will depend on the type of course or career that is followed, but the most basic courses do not usually last less than 1 year, while the university degrees can last about 4 years.

Advantages of being a Police: If you want to study to be a police officer, you will get a job in the state orbit, which will guarantee you job security. You will also have the satisfaction of helping the population. In case of doing a good job, the possibilities of promotion within a police force are always present.

Disadvantages of being a Police: In many Spanish-speaking countries, although they are subject to constant adjustments, salaries are not usually very high. There is also a personal risk when performing surveillance duties. Some police forces are often peppered with corruption cases, which can make it an unpleasant environment.


Study to be a Federal Police in Argentina

The website of the Argentine federal police explains about its 2015 Income requirements for Agents and cadets.

Official Web:



The Federal Police has Jurisdiction throughout the Argentine territory.

Acronym: PFA

Guy: Police officer

The Argentine federal police depend on the Presidency of the nation and the Ministry of Security.

General information:

It is currently the most important police force in the country and simultaneously was the main internal security force in the Argentine Republic, until the concentration of all the National Police in the recently created Ministry of Security.

University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police:
Income Requirements for NCO School:

Argentine Federal Police on Twitter:
Argentine Federal Police on Youtube:

General requirements that you have to meet to enter the NCO school

  1. Prove an impeccable record of conduct and enjoy a good social concept, understanding these demands to the family group and the cohabitant.-
  2. Possess good health, proven by the services dependent on the General Directorate of Police Health of this Institution.-
  3. Pass the capacity and competence tests set for each of the incomes.

Be Argentinian
Be between nineteen (19) and a maximum of thirty-five (35) years of age.

Meet a stature:

  • Women: minimum 1.60 meters, maximum: 1.85 meters tall.
  • Men: minimum 1.65 meters, maximum: 1.95 meters of height.

Have the complete Secondary or certificate of qualification pending and analytical.

Required documentation:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate, original and photocopy.
  2. National Identity Document of the applicant, with updated address and annotations related to military service, discharge and discharge dates, weapon, aptitude and period of instruction, if applicable.
  3. Analytical certificate of studies duly legalized and registered.
  4. Personal photographs of four by four (4 x 4 cm.) Front and white background.

(Original only) Form 1927 completed. In which you request the registration to the specialty for which you have chosen and authorize the request for your personal information.

Once the conditions and / or requirements detailed above have been met and satisfied, the Institutional Command will evaluate said antecedents and, if appointed, must complete the training course for Aspiring Agents at the Federal School of NCOs and Agents Don Enrique O` Gorman located in Punta Arenas 1201 Capital Federal.-

In this sense, you are informed that you must set your home address in the city in which you provide service, in this case Buenos Aires, or in a town that is at a distance of no more than Sixty (60) kilometers from it.

That once the training cycle has been completed and its requirements have been approved, the students graduate with the rank of Agent and will be assigned to serve in police stations, corps and / or barracks, as appropriate and according to service needs, which will be evaluated by the Headquarters, the personnel being obliged to accept the fate assigned to them.

Where to register?

The registration process must be done in person and is free. It is carried out at the seat of the INCORPORATIONS Division, located at 1.423 Bolívar Street, 1st Floor. Federal capital. TEL: 4362-0056 / 3590

Study to be a National Police in Colombia

Official Website and source: (educational offer)
Twitter: Facebook:
Youtube channel:

Some requirements: For more information visit the official website at

Can you enter the National Police Training Schools when you are under the age of
No, you must be 18 years of age or older.

What documents must I present to buy my portfolio?

Technician or Technologist to Official: Certificate, Bachelor’s Diploma, Bachelor’s degree certificate,
Diploma of Technical or Technological studies.

Professional to Official: Certificate, University professional training certificate, Professional card or
proof of documentation that accredits the exercise of their academic training.

Bachelor to Patrolman: Certificate, Bachelor’s Diploma, Bachelor’s degree certificate.

Reservist to Patrolman: Certificate, Bachelor’s Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree Certificate, Book

Auxiliary Bachelor: Certificate, Bachelor’s Diploma, Bachelor’s degree certificate.

Police Assistant: ID.

Does having a criminal, disciplinary or infringement record exclude an applicant from the
selective process?

Yes, because it is a requirement demanded by the signed Incorporation Selection Protocol
by the Director General of the Police and approved and signed by the Minister of

What happens if the person with the criminal, disciplinary or misdemeanor record is a
member of the family nucleus and not the applicant?

Nothing, the antecedents of the relatives at no time affect the concept of the applicant
In addition, the safety study that is carried out during the selection process is part of a
qualifying stage plus non-elimination stage.

Is a minimum height required to participate in the selection process?

No, however, the Incorporation Selection Protocol contemplates a height for
Men minimum 1.65 cm. and for women 1.60 cm. But line followed is
states that “This condition is not exclusive” to participate in the selection process in

Being single with children, can I participate in the Calls?

Yes, those who are married, single (as) with a maximum of two children may participate
exclusively from the call for “Professional to Official” to obtain the title of
Police Service Specialist.

What are the stages of the selection process?

The selection and incorporation process is developed in nine (09) stages, which are
grouped taking into account their level of incidence and functionality in the development of the
process, like this:

Eliminatory: those in which the applicant must necessarily meet the requirements
to continue in the process, otherwise it will be withdrawn from it (Registration of applicants,
specialized clinical and paraclinical examinations, assessment in general medicine, dentistry,
physical-athletic and …