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Study Vocational Training | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar administracion de empresas Study Vocational Training | I do not know what to study

What to study in Vocational Training?

Professional Training is a type of study that allows you to train as a professional in the area that interests you. There are two types of vocational training: the Middle Grade Training Cycle and the Higher Grade Training Cycle. For the first, it is necessary to have completed ESO or to have passed a specific entrance exam for which it is necessary to be 17 years old and, for the second, it is required to have completed the Baccalaureate or a specific access test for which it is necessary to have 19 years old or 18 if you have a Middle Grade degree.

Therefore, these studies allow you to study a profession in different degrees, depending on personal needs and tastes. It is only worth mentioning that those who study the Professional Training of the Higher Degree Training Cycle will be better trained than those who study the Professional Training of the Middle Degree Training Cycle. For this reason, there are many professions that can be learned through this training. Broadly speaking, we will mention the most important formations in the different areas:

Physical and sports activities

In this area we find: Conduction of Physical-sports Activities in the Natural Environment, a training that lasts 1400 hours and that trains you as an outdoor monitor of a great variety of sports and physical activities aimed at people of different kinds, this is a Middle Grade training.

Administration and management

Why study Business Administration
Why study Business Administration

In this area, Technician in Administrative Management stands out, who trains you as an administrative or accounting assistant. With this training you can work in private companies in the administrative area as an assistant or assistant.


agricultural professional training In this area there are different types of training such as Extensive Agricultural Holdings that allow you to train as a professional in the agricultural sector. With this type of training you can get to work in both public and private companies, as well as being able to create your own company. Other training courses are Gardening and Forest Work and Conservation of the Natural Environment with which you can get to work in other areas of the same sector.

Graphic arts

graphic arts professional training
In this sector we find training courses such as Binding and Handling of Paper and Cardboard, Pre-printing in Graphic Arts, Printing in Graphic Arts with which you can become a technician in the area of ​​graphic arts.

Trade and Marketing

The Technical Professional Training in Commercial Activities prepares you as an assistant in the commerce and marketing sector. Likewise, Senior Technician in Marketing and Advertising allows you to work in companies in any sector, especially in the public marketing sector and commerce in the planning, management and organization of marketing activities.

Building and Civil Works

In this sector, the Medium Technical Degree in Construction stands out, which trains you as a professional in the construction sector who can develop concrete or masonry works, for rehabilitation, construction, maintenance and civil works, either for a company or on your own. . Senior Technician in Civil Works Projects, meanwhile, may work in the field of engineering studies, architecture, delineation, consulting and technical services.

Electricity and electronic

A Middle Degree in this sector is a Technician in Electrical and Automatic Installations, who will learn to carry out electrical and automatic installations and will be able to work as a professional both on their own and as a third party in the maintenance and assembly of electrical and automated infrastructure. In Superior Technician in Telecommunications and Computer Systems, of Superior Degree, you will be able to work in the telecommunications, audiovisual media, telematics, systems integration and broadband networks sector.

Energy and Water

A Senior Technician in Renewable Energies will be capable of, among other things, being responsible for wind assemblies, promoting solar installations, assembling and operating photovoltaic solar installations, maintaining and assembling electrical substations of photovoltaic wind installations, etc.

Mechanical manufacturing

The Welding and Boilermaking Technician may work in private companies or start his own business in the welding and boilermaking sector. The Superior Technician in Metallic Constructions, for his part, will be able to work in companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of thick boilermaking, large warehouses, mechanical workshops, industrial pipes, trailers and dump trucks, petrochemical facilities and many other companies in the construction production sector metallic.

Hostel and Tourism

In this sector, the following stand out: Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy, a Middle Degree where the student learns to make any type of gastronomic and culinary creations, and Senior Technician in Travel Agencies and Event Management, a Superior Degree where they learn to carry out and program all types of trips and events, being able to sell tourist services in travel agencies and other types of distribution units.

Personal image

In Technician in Aesthetics and Beauty, the student is trained to work as a make-up artist, hair removal technician, commercial agent in personal image companies, receptionist in aesthetics, advisor and / or seller of drugstores and perfumeries, etc. With the Higher Technical Superior Degree in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting, for its part, it will be possible to work in the sector of personal, corporate and public image consulting.

Image and sound

With the Medium Technical Degree in Video, Disc-jockey and Sound you will be able to work as a DJ, photographic retoucher, sound and television assistant, sound editing assistant in cinema, etc. If you study Superior Technician in Audiovisual Production and Shows, you can be a company manager, video production assistant, film production assistant, television production assistant, radio production assistant and other audiovisual media.

Food industries

In the food industry sector there is the Medium Grade Olive Oil and Wine Technician training, with which you can work in the packaging and production of wines, olive oil and other beverages, either in companies with traditional or advanced technology . The Senior Technician in Processes and Quality in the Food Industry, for his part, will be able to carry out the planning of the manufacturing processes of the food industry based on the product being produced.

Extractive industries

With a Technician in Excavations and Surveys, the graduate will be able to work in hydrogeological, mining and / or geotechnical research or extraction companies.

IT and Communications

The Senior Technician in Web Application Development will be able to develop, maintain and implement all types of web applications.

Instalation and maintenance

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installations Technician will carry out activities related to the maintenance and assembly of fluids from the cold and air conditioning subsectors and thermal installations.

Wood, Furniture and Cork

In this sector, the following stand out: Medium Grade Carpentry and Furniture Technician, where the student will learn the trade of carpenter and furniture making. The Superior Technical Degree in Design and Furnishing, for its part, focuses on the design of furniture and carpentry products, and you can work in small, medium and large companies or you can work on your own.


The Higher Technician in Aquaculture may work in the aquaculture sector.


The Medium Technical Degree in Laboratory Operations, trains you as an assistant in laboratory operations while the Higher Degree in the same area, Superior Technician in Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory, trains you as a worker in laboratories or companies that carry out physicochemical tests, microbiological tests, chemical and instrumental analyzes, among others.


The Medium Technical Degree in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy, trains you as an assistant in pharmacies and parapharmacies. The Superior Degree of the same sector Superior Technician in Dental Prosthesis, trains you as a technician in dental prostheses, in the area of ​​orthodontics.

Security and environment

The Medium Technical Degree in Emergencies and Civil Protection enables you to work in the field of extinction and prevention of forest fires, as well as to assist in accidents related to civil protection and the rural and natural environment. The Superior Technical Superior Degree in Emergency Coordination and Civil Protection has the same purpose, only in greater depth.

Sociocultural and Community Services

In this area, the training Technician in Attention to People in a Dependency Situation and Senior Technician in Social Integration that train the student in the field of social development and help to the community stand out.

Textile, Clothing and Leather

The most outstanding training courses in this sector are: Technician in Clothing and Fashion, a Middle Degree qualification that trains you as a technician in the area of ​​fashion and clothing, and Senior Technician in Custom Clothing and Shows, a Superior Degree that trains you as a technician in the field of fashion within all kinds of shows.

Vehicle Transport and Maintenance

The Technician in Driving of Road Transport Vehicles is a Medium Degree training with which you can work as a driver of transport vehicles on land. The Superior Automotive Technician Degree, for its part, trains you as a maintenance technician for different land vehicles.

Glass and Ceramics

In this sector, the Middle Technical Degree in Manufacture of Ceramic Products and the Superior Technical Superior Degree in Development and Manufacture of Ceramic Products stand out, in both you learn the profession of potter, although there are also other trainings for the profession of glazier.