Study Yoga | I do not know what to study

instructorado de yoga Study Yoga | I do not know what to study

Yoga is an activity that, in addition to being in fashion today, provides elasticity to our lives and ourselves, reducing stress and increasing well-being.

What are Yoga studies about?

In the different courses and masters of yoga that we can find in the market you will learn everything about this discipline: the yogi philosophy, the practice of yoga, that is, the different exercises and routines, as well as the yogi life in general. Also, in these yoga studios You will learn how to teach this discipline to others so that you can train as a yoga instructor or teacher.

To the study yoga you will be aware of the benefits that yoga can have on all levels of our being. Teaching yoga can be seen as a way of transmitting to others what we have received. Teaching yoga gives us the opportunity to serve others, help them and try to improve the quality of their lives. Service is an essential aspect of yoga and it is essential to keep it in mind throughout your career.

Yoga Instructorate
Yoga Instructorate

What job opportunity does studying Yoga have?

When studying yoga you can teach this discipline in different schools and yoga institutions, as well as give private classes or be an individual teacher or instructor of this discipline.

Where to study Yoga
Where to study Yoga

Where to study Yoga?

Depending on the country, school, university, institution or school, the duration of these studies varies greatly.

In Argentina: The Latin American Yoga School offers daily, weekly, annual or distance courses of all levels, from assistant to the great vital yoga teacher.
The Centro Argentino de Yoga also offers teacher training courses and specializations aimed at yoga instructors. The latter have an approximate duration of 8 months.

In Chile, the Chilean Yoga Academy offers a Yoga Instructor Training Course that has three levels of specialization each with a duration of between four and two semesters. The Classical Yoga School of Santiago has a three-level Instructor Training course that gives a total of 678 teaching hours. The Isaju Center is another of the institutions that offers a Training Course for Integral Yoga Teachers that lasts 500 hours.

In ColombiaOne of the best options is Natural yoga which offers a 200 hour Yoga Instructor course, in addition to the aforementioned Sivananda Yoga.

In Spain There are many schools and institutions where you can study yoga. One of the most important is the International School of Yoga. This school offers courses for all tastes. From 200-hour courses of: Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher, postgraduate programs aimed at instructors and teachers, to an indefinite course of Yoga Teacher Trainer where the time will depend on the evolution of the student.
The Sadana School offers a Yoga Teacher Training course that lasts four years and has locations in different cities in Spain.
Tao Center also offers Yoga Teacher courses that last for 500 hours. Having already taken this course, there is the option of entering the Master of Yoga, which lasts a year or two, depending on how many hours you dedicate to it per week.
Yoga Sivananda, offers Yoga Teacher courses that last a single day. This same school also offers courses in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

In Mexico There are many yoga schools geared towards training yoga instructors and teachers. One of them is the Kiai Center that offers a 200-hour yoga teacher certification that takes place in one month. Yoga Espacio is another of the schools; it has courses whose programs last one year. Universal Yoga, meanwhile, has a Diploma in Universal Yoga and specialties. Vinyasa Yoga offers yoga teacher training courses that last 8 weeks with 5 hours daily from Monday to Friday.

In Peru, Ashtanga Yoga Peru, offers an Instructor Program, which lasts around four months.

How is the day to day of a Yoga teacher?

A yoga instructor uses yoga to help clients feel better physically and mentally. Yoga is about a series of breathing exercises and applications that improve a person’s posture, flexibility, and strength. Most of the instructors are experts in different types of yoga and often give private and group classes.

One of the main responsibilities of a yoga instructor is to teach yoga to students. Teachers can give introductory classes that focus on developing an individual yoga style and avoiding injury. Some of the basic movements the instructor performs in this class are the cat stretch and the downward facing dog. The instructor will also help the students with poses to make sure the participant is in correct form and does not get hurt. Sometimes the yoga instructor can mix basic yoga with other exercises like Pilates and toning.

Did you know…?

Ancient India is not the only civilization that has incorporated yoga into its society. Kemet, an ancient kingdom of Egypt, had a similar practice, indicating that yoga has historical roots in Egypt, as well as in India.

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