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Tax and Accounting Advisor / Advisor | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The tax advisers and accountants work daily solving tax, financial, tax procedures, accounting problems. They work for industries, businesses, consortia, within companies and for government agencies.

The good tax advisor will always seek to optimize the tax burden of its client, but always within the law framework.

In many cases, the tax advisor works carrying out the tax settlement for SMEs, audits documents, verifies compliance with the tax obligations of a company, as a consultant offers a comprehensive advisory service for finance departments in different types of organizations.

A tax advisor is known as tax advisor, tax advisor, tax manager or tax manager, who is dedicated to tax advice and can deal with tasks related to tax management of a company.

A tax advisor in the accounting area can work in preparation of the financial and economic accounting statement of a company.
Advises for the correct presentation of financial statements and current national and international regulations.

A tax advisor who provides auditing servicesYou can do it externally or internally and in special cases of purchase of companies or stock packages.

In it finance area a tax advisor works, plans and evaluates costs and inventory.

In it tax area a tax advisor provides advice and tax planning, review of national, provincial and municipal tax returns, tax laundering, tax outsourcing, among other services.

A tax advisor has different university degrees in business training and laws, many are trained in law, economics, management and business administration. Usually a tax advisor has a university degree basic and then specializes with a Master according to their objectives.